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Where to Give

Dean's Leadership Fund

The Newhouse Foundation has generously offered to match gifts on a 2-to-1 basis for this discretionary fund, which means your gift will more than double when you contribute to the Dean's Leadership Fund. When the school raises $5 million in new donations, the foundation will match that with $10 million. The resulting $15 million fund will enable us to move forward on key Newhouse School initiatives, like fully digitizing our facilities. It will fund faculty training in digital and multimedia newsgathering and production techniques, and the hiring of more faculty. It will help us support more industry-academy partnerships and expand our Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester program.

Newhouse Dean's Fund

From a day-to-day perspective, the most important gifts we receive each year are unrestricted gifts directed toward the Newhouse Dean's Fund. Gifts to this fund give students the opportunity to hear from professional guest speakers, travel on benchmark and field trips and work on the best industry-standard equipment.

Other types of giving

Frequently, our annual donors wish to leave their mark by adding to their annual giving. There are several areas where donors make a significant impact upon the school and our students:


When you help increase student scholarships, fellowships or assistantships, you give students a better head start in post-college life by reducing the burden of student loan repayments. You can help make a Newhouse education affordable in a number of ways:

  • You can endow a scholarship, either in your own name or in honor of a loved one. This creates a permanent fund that will generate financial aid support in perpetuity.
  • You can establish a supported scholarship. With this type of fund, dollars are immediately awarded to students who meet the criteria, continuing until the entire gift is spent.
  • You can give to one or more of our existing scholarship funds with annual or one-time gifts.
Programs and centers

You may wish to enhance specific Newhouse programs or projects, or even create one. The school includes several academic centers, such as the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture and the Tully Center For Free Speech, which are in need of ongoing support.


Donor involvement is essential to ensure that the Newhouse School continues to offer state-of-the art facilities to our students.