Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Center for Global Engagement?

The Newhouse Center for Global Engagement is the central hub for all of the Newhouse School’s global projects. The center employs storytelling, collaboration and innovation to creatively tackle the world’s pressing issues. Public diplomacy is crucial for any international operation, but our focus is to tap into the global communication ecosystem to effect change—from multimedia projects to scholarly research to international relations.

There is often a disconnect between theory and practice, between academia, the professional industry and the real world. We seek to bridge this gap and blur the lines between academics, storytellers and the general public. The center acts as the adhesive binding together these previously distinct groups to form an intelligent collective consciousness prepared to address issues of global concern.

How do I get involved with the center?

Are you interested in going global? Do you want to make a change? If so, contact the faculty member involved in a project of interest to you, your program’s department chair or center director Ken Harper.

Does the center have employment or internship opportunities?

For inquiries regarding employment, internships or research assistantships, please contact Ken Harper to discuss.

Does the center have any political affiliation?

No, the center is not affiliated with any political party. Our central goal is to connect people through communication while providing opportunities for our students and faculty though practical experience.

Does the center have any industry partnerships?

The center is currently in partnership with The Fader, and exploring additional partnerships.