The StartNow College Entrepreneurship Series is an interactive, multi-tiered show to inspire students at Syracuse University and beyond to start now.

Not every business launched by college students is going to be Facebook or Google, but many successful entrepreneurs started something in college. StartNow will tell those inspiring stories and share with you the lessons learned by people who didn’t wait to chase their dreams.

Live. Interactive. Digital. Real.

The Syracuse University StartNow Series includes two experiences:

StartNow LIVE is an online event where students will meet successful entrepreneurs, hear their stories of businesses they started in college and be able to ask questions. StartNow speakers will inspire students and empower the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Through StartNow LIVE, these speakers will have a face-to-face conversation with a live, engaged and activated audience of modern student founders.

The StartNow Show will repackage the live video conference into a high-quality show that will be posted online for wide distribution and sharing. Via the StartNow Show, speakers can have an even bigger impact, reaching a broader audience of college students, schools, faculty and potential startup founders everywhere.