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Newhouse Network

Newhouse School alumni make up the most powerful, successful group of communications professionals in the world. They can be found in leadership positions across the industry, shaping the future of public communications.

The Newhouse Network is an online alumni database containing more than 5800 contacts in the communications industry. Newhouse alumni who join reap the full benefits of being part of that community. Network with fellow alumni for career guidance and opportunities, and tap into the student population to find interns, new hires or fresh ideas. Reconnect with the school through news and events, and give back by providing students with mentoring and professional advice. Being a part of the Newhouse Network brings access to an invaluable resource—and bragging rights!

On-campus students can access the Newhouse Network after participating in the Job Hunt Series. Students in the online master's program are also able to access the Newhouse Network by contacting careerservices@communications.syr.edu for the appropriate training. Network members can provide students with career advice and guidance, networking opportunities and possible employment.

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