Career Search Toolkit

If you're wondering how to use our services after graduating, take a look at our Career Search Toolkit.

Essential Checklist

Looking for a job can be overwhelming and intimidating. Go through this checklist and do one thing at a time, and before you know it, you'll have a solid basis of tried-and-true methods under your feet.

  • Job Search To-Do List
      • Read through the focus worksheet in the Making It A Reality workbook.
      • Start your target list. Remember that you can add and delete as you learn more about companies and opportunities.
      • Write down current contacts who know who you are and what you want to do.
      • Send thank you notes to everyone you see, email or speak to on the phone. Be sure to maintain contact.
      • Finalize your résumé.
      • Create your elevator pitch and practice with a friend.
      • Create a spreadsheet in Google Drive to get organized.
      • Join or update your profile on the Newhouse Network.
      • Sign-up to get JobOps, a weekly email newsletter that include numerous job listings and career advice.
      • Update or create LinkedIn account.
      • Find new contacts (shoot for two new contacts per week).
      • Set up informational interviews/networking meetings.
      • Read industry news daily or at least weekly (headlines).
      • Join relevant professional organizations.

Additional information and advice

  • I am looking for a job/switching careers, where do I start?
    • We get this question a lot. The good news is the job search process has not changed since you have been at Newhouse. The key to finding a job in today’s competitive market is to implement the four-step proactive job search process:

      Focus: It isn’t about your degree, it is about the skills you want to use on the job and your strengths.

      Create a Target List: Target types of places that need those skills and geographic markets that are of interest to you.

      Research: Using the Internet, trade magazines and other resources learn about the companies on your target list, find contacts and familiarize yourself with the industry.  

      Network: Gather names of contacts and prepare to make networking connections. Join the Newhouse Network to connect with alumni.

      To get a refresher on the process outlined above listen to our podcasts on the Job Search process and Networking. 

      Be sure to download our Making It a Reality workbook to go along with the podcasts.

      Also, check out our Quick Tips and Resource List that is a nice supplement to the job search. 

  • Help! I have been on the job search and not getting results.
    • The job search can be frustrating. When you are feeling you have hit a wall in the process, take a moment to step back and evaluate your approach.

      How much time are you spending online applying to jobs?

      If you are spending the majority of your time online applying for jobs then you are falling into the trap of a passive job hunter.  We recommend at least 10-20 hours a week on proactive job-hunting activities (focus, target, research, network). To get a refresher on the four-step process check out our podcasts on the job hunt and networking. 

      How many target companies do you have and how many contacts are you keeping in touch with on a regular basis?

      The key to a successful job search is casting a large net of employers that you would like to work for regardless if they have an opening or not. Proactive job searchers will have at least 20-30 potential companies as well as having a minimum of 15-20 contacts that they are in touch with on a regular basis. Volume is key in a job search because the more people who know you are, what you want to do, the greater chances of you finding a job. Join the Newhouse Network and use LinkedIn proactively to connect with alumni in your industry of interest.

      Listen to our podcasts on the job search and networking to learn more.

  • How do I find networking contacts?
    • You can find fellow alumni by joining the Newhouse Network.  The Newhouse Network is an online alumni database containing more than 5800 contacts in the communications industry to offer advice on the job search and the industry. 

  • How do I write a networking email?
    • In our Making It a Reality workbook, chapter four covers networking and a guide on how to write a successful networking email. We even provide a sample networking email. The chapter also cover how to keep in touch with contacts. 

  • Do you know of any jobs?
    • The Newhouse CDC sends out a weekly email newsletter called JobOps that includes numerous job listings, job hunting advice and other career related information. To sign up, go to our JobOps page.

  • I need advice on how to update my résumé and cover letter.
    • The CDC Staff would be happy review your materials.

      • Submit your résumé and cover letter for review by emailing
      • Put “Alumni Résumé and Cover Letter Review” in the subject line.
      • During high peak times it can take up to two weeks for reviews.
      • If you need a refresher check out chapter six in our Making It a Reality workbook that covers résumés and letters. 
  • I need some tips for interviewing.
    • We can help you put your best foot forward when interviewing! Listen to our interviewing podcast that walks through the stages of preparing for a job interview. Learn what to expect, how to thoroughly research the company, the best ways to talk about yourself and your experience, and tips for answering difficult questions. You can also download our Interview Prep sheet

  • How do I negotiate salary?
    • Providing salary requirements and having to talk about what you think you deserve to earn can be intimidating for many people. Listen to our Providing salary requirements and tips for salary negotiation podcast to learn how to discuss the best way to position yourself during the application and interview phases and how to ask for more money if you feel like you're being low-balled.

  • What resources does the CDC provide for alumni?
    • We offer several resources to help alumni that range from job search advice to interviewing to résumé/letter reviews.

  • I still have questions.
    • The staff at the Newhouse Career Development Center is here to help with any career related questions. To schedule an appointment for a one-on-one advising session call 315-443-3270.