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Alumni Resources

The Tina Press & David Rubin Career Development Center (CDC) provides alumni with a wide variety of resources, skills training, career events and individual advising to support their job searches.


The CDC is now offering podcasts—a fantastic way to enhance your job-seeking skills. Click here for episodes and check back frequently for additional topics that will help you land the job of your dreams.

Making It a Reality

Congratulations! You've graduated! Whether you’re back home with family or on your own, looking for work may seem overwhelming, and the farther away you are from campus, the lonelier you may begin to feel. Don’t fret: The CDC has created the Making It a Reality guide to assist and encourage you as you pursue that first job—and to serve as a refresher when you’re ready to move on to job number two!

Quick Tips

Organizing your job search is key. You need to identify geographic locations where you'd like to work and job types that interest you. That takes focus and research, not to mention the networking process that will help you land a position. Our Quick Tips guide can help you build the framework for your job hunt.

Resources Lists

The CDC has compiled two comprehensive lists of resources to act as supplements to your job search.

The list of online resources includes sites that may list jobs or career resources, while others may provide industry news and event information. Remember to also check sites outside of the category that coincides with your field of interest. For example, you might find ad sales or publicist positions on a website in the magazine category if the jobs are with a magazine or publication.

Alumni living near campus should also review the list of on-campus resources. Individuals who are unable to come to campus should check with larger libraries in their area, as many may also have access to these resources—you just have to ask!

Newhouse Network

Newhouse alumni make up most powerful, successful group of communications professionals in the world. You can connect with alumni through the Newhouse Network, an online alumni database after receiving training as part of the Job Hunt Marathon seminar. Learn more about the Newhouse Network.


Alumni can sign up for JobOps, a weekly email newsletter that includes numerous job listings, job hunting advice and other career related information. To sign up, go to our JobOps page.

Industry directories

For alumni living close to campus or coming back for a visit, the CDC purchases industry directories every year to provide you with the most up-to-date information on media businesses and industries. You may view them in the CDC office.