Information on wait lists at the Newhouse School

Newhouse 3 on a fall day

Current Wait Lists Available

Please DO NOT submit multiple wait list requests. To verify receipt of your request (if desired), email

If you are requesting a class with multiple potential sections and more than option will work for you, submit a course request for your preferred section. In the comments field, note that other sections would also work for you. It is not necessary to submit a request for each possible section.

If you will be attending the LA Program semester and have been closed out of an ON SITE course, please fill out this form and submit to Robin Howard,

Newhouse LA Waitlist

The Fall 2023 wait list portals will open Friday, April 14, at 12 p.m. EST. Both will remain open through 5 p.m. EST on Friday, May 12. Wait lists will re-open in August (dates TBD). You will be notified of your wait list status before initial registration closes at the end of June.

Courses that have been filled will not be listed as wait list options. To register for these courses, you must monitor the system for possible openings due to another student dropping the course.

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot guarantee permission in the section of your choice. You should first try to enroll in an open section, if available, before filling out a Newhouse wait list request. If your Fall 2023 schedule works with an open section, we will likely refer you to that open section(s) rather than a section that is closed.



Who should fill out a Newhouse wait list form?

• Any Newhouse major or minor student who has been unable to register for a required Newhouse course. You should only fill out the form after you try to enroll in the course and are unsuccessful.
• Students requesting permission to enroll in a course for which they do not have the prerequisites, or do not meet the requirements for registration.
• Students who have taken alternate courses to fulfill a prerequisite that the system does not recognize.
• Non-Newhouse majors or minors who would like to take a Newhouse course.
Non-Newhouse majors who would like to take a Newhouse course may not receive a response until January as major and minor requests must be processed first.

If a professor gives me permission to enroll in a course, do I still have to fill out a wait list form?

Everyone must fill out a wait list form to request permission to enroll. Professors cannot give permission to enroll in a course, unless it is a course listed with professor or department consent restrictions.