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Intra-University Transfer (IUT)

Transferring to Newhouse from another  SU school or college (Intra-University Transfer)

Students may apply to transfer into Newhouse from other Syracuse University schools/colleges. Please refer to Public Communication intra-university transfer application rules.
Admission Criteria:

  • Your cumulative Syracuse University GPA required for admission varies each semester, depending upon the number of spaces available and the number and strength of the applicant pool.
  • Completing a minimum of 15 graded credit hours at SU and a minimum of 30 credits earned at SU. NOTE: This requirement applies to fall ’20 admission only in response to the University’s pass/fail policy for the spring ’20 semester.
  • Receiving a B or higher in one of the following:  WRT 105, WRT 109, CAS 100, ENL 211, ENL 213. NOTE: For fall ’20 applicants only, we will accept a “pass” in this class if taken in the spring ’20 semester.
  • Space availability (this has no relation to the major you choose)

Application: Click here to obtain the IUT application.  No other materials are required.
Submission: Email your completed IUT form to  Send a PDF or take a clear photo.  We will except your electronic signature.
Deadlines: May 1 for fall semester and Dec. 15 for spring semester.
General Inquiries: Email with any questions.
Note: Photography and Graphic Design majors may require a minimum of five semesters on main campus.

Spring 2020 Virtual IUT Information Sessions:
For Syracuse University students interested in applying to Newhouse, all seminars will be held online through Zoom; attendance is not required to be eligible to transfer.

IUT Information Session: (Rich)
Wednesday, April 22nd
11am – 12 pm
Zoom Meeting Room>>

IUT Information Session (Kristin)
Friday, May 1st
Zoom Meeting Room>>