Undergraduate Admissions

The world is changing, rapidly. Global communication is possible with the tap of a finger on a phone screen. The need for communications professionals with a strong sense of integrity and a passion for connecting people has never been higher.

The Newhouse School is a world-class communications school, training the next generation of media scholars, innovators, creators and broadcasters.


The Newhouse School offers eight undergraduate programs in all areas of communications. Public relations. Advertising. Television, radio and film. Discover what delights you, then chase it.

The Newhouse Network

Our enthusiastic and involved alumni are a big reason why 90% of our students find jobs within six months of graduation.

New York. Los Angeles. Washington, D.C. Abroad.

Not excited about the famous Syracuse snow? We get it. The Newhouse School has programs that will give you all the benefits of our world-class faculty and facilities while studying outside of the snowbelt for a semester or two.