Master's Alumni Profiles

Here you can read about our master's program alumni, where they're working now and how Newhouse prepared them for their current careers.


E.g., 06/21/2019
Briana Prevost G'13

Briana Prevost G'13

“Arts Journalism is a renowned journalism program that offered, allowed and encouraged growth in so many areas of the arts which is what I knew I wanted to make my career out of.”

Jon Cerio G'17

Jon Cerio G'17

“What makes the BDJ master’s program special is its immersive and intensive qualities. The classmates you work alongside, struggle and commiserate with, and celebrate your triumphs with—they become your second family.”

Paul Brady G'05

Paul Brady G'05

“No matter what your goal—and no matter what happens in the media business—I’m a strong believer that knowing how to effectively communicate will always be in demand.”

A photo of Karissa Valencia G'14

Karissa Valencia G'14

“Newhouse made me fall more in love with what I wanted to do. By taking a variety of classes in production, I learned how to write for a TV show with a budget, execute a director’s vision, and still shape my own voice as an artist.”

A photo of Jeremy Reynolds G'16

Jeremy Reynolds G'16

“The Goldring program gives a solid background in general news reporting. I’m exercising news judgment, meeting deadlines, writing and copyediting, working with videographers and graphic designers to prep multimedia content, the whole nine yards.”

A photo of Elena DeLuccia

Elena DeLuccia G'17

“Newhouse has an amazing reputation for being one of the best schools for any communications, especially TV and film. Also, the program was only one year—I was ready to learn as much as possible then get out into the world!”

A photo of Jillian Anthony G'11

Jillian Anthony G'11

“I feel Syracuse does its best to get students out there to make connections early on with working journalists, something that gives you a leg up when you go job hunting.”

A photo of Camille Dunn G'12

Camille Dunn G'12

“Newhouse graduates enter the ad world with a solid and modern understanding of advertising, while enabling them to specialize in the function of their choice.”

Patrick Hosken G'15

Patrick Hosken G'15

“Newhouse’s digital media courses were great primers for the demands of a modern journalist, especially one who works online… You never know when you’ll need to deploy those skills.”

A photo of Meera Jagannathan G'13

Meera Jagannathan G'13

“I chose Newhouse—and specifically the magazine, newspaper and online journalism program—for its impressive, industry-savvy faculty; a curriculum that mixed visual, digital and hard news skills; solid networking opportunities and generous financial aid.”

A photo of Taylor Weidman

Taylor Weidman G'09

"I've continued to collaborate and network with many of my classmates who have gone on to very impressive careers in the field and this network has provided opportunities down the line."

A photo of LaQuin Alexander G'16

LaQuin Alexander G'16

"Newhouse opened my eyes to career fields like production coordinator, production manager, and being in a writer's room."