You’ll learn classic visual storytelling principles while becoming proficient with the latest technology and developing your critical thinking skills with a rigorous liberal arts core.

Choose your focus between commercial and advertising photography or photojournalism and editorial photography; whatever you want to do, we’ve got a program tailored for you.

Some courses you’ll take as part of your photography degree:

VIS 301

Video and Photography

This course advances students use of creative principles in lighting, composition and storytelling, and expands on technical skills in both video and photography.

VIS 324

Light and Concept

Course assumes foundational skills in camera controls. This course focuses on developing technical and conceptual lighting and postproduction skills used in still and video productions to create compelling editorial and commercial content in studio and on location.

VIS 405

Photographic Storytelling

Teaches principles and practices of photojournalistic/documentary/editorial storytelling for print, multimedia and video contexts. Topics include news, features, portraits and sports photography; picture story and essay production.