The multimedia, photography and design program helps students understand the rich heritage of still photography as they explore the evolving world of multimedia storytelling. 

Multimedia, Photography and Design Master’s Program Schedule

Second Summer Session (6 credits):

COM 698 Media Law3
VIS 601 Photography and Multimedia Fundamentals
VIS 607 Graphic Design Fundamentals

Fall Semester (13 credits):

VIS 602 Essentials for Visual Communicators (three 1-credit modules)-Advanced Productivity
-Design or Photography
VIS 642 Professional Practices for Visual Communicators3
VIS Foundation Course-Choose from foundation course options with approval fro your advisor in your chosen academic emphasis3

Spring Semester (12 credits):

VIS 622 Visual Communications Theory3
VIS Advanced Course-Choose from advanced course options with approval from your advisor in your chosen academic emphasis3
Portfolio Requirement-VIS 669 Portfolio Review0

First Summer Session (6 credits):

VIS 639 Advanced Projects3
VIS 689 Master’s Projects
VIS 997 Master’s Thesis
Elective with advisor permission

Total Credits in Program: 37

Academic Emphasis:

Students are required to complete an emphasis that satisfies their individual career goals. Faculty advisors will work with students to select two courses that build a critical understanding in a particular area of interest. Recommended emphases can include, but are not limited to the following: