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Media Studies Master’s Schedule

Theory and Research Courses – Required (12 credits)

COM 601Research Project Design
COM 605Quantitative Methods for Mass Communications Research
COM 606Qualitative Methods for Mass Communications Research
COM 701Proseminar for Graduate Study (0 credits)
COM 755Communications Theory

Media Law (choose one) (3 credits)

COM 698Media Law
TRF 637Telecommunications Law and Policy

Perspectives in Communication (choose three) (9 credits)

ADV 604Seminar in Advertising Practice and Leadership3 credits
ADV 612Strategic Brain: Account Planning and Research3 credits
ADV 613Strategic Brain: Media Planning 3 credits
Elective (See Emphasis)3 credits

Fall Semester – 12 credits

ADV 645International Advertising
COM 600Selected Topics (May be repeated w/ different topic)
COM 646Media and Diversity
COM 688Origins of Contemporary Media Issues
COM 740Topics in Research Communications
ICC 617Issues in Media Management
TRF 592Film Business
TRF 594Television Business
TRF 595Programming and Audience Analysis
TRF 600Selected Topics (may be repeated w/ different topic)
TRF 636Critical and Historical Perspectives on Television, Radio, and
TRF 683Communications Industry Frontiers

Electives (Choose 3)

Elective courses will be selected in consultation with the student’s adviser and be relevant to the student’s course of study. Courses may include those offered in Newhouse, or elsewhere in the University.

Thesis (3 credits) * requisite

Fall semester (12 credits)

COM 605Quantitative Methods for Mass3 credits
COM 701Proseminar for Graduate Study0 credits
COM 755Communications Theory3 credits
Two additional courses6 credits

Spring Semester (12 credits)

Four additional courses12 credits

Summer Sessions (3-9 credits)

COM 601Research Project Design3 credits
1-2 additional courses3-6 credits

Fall Semester/Spring Semester 2021/22 (3-9 credits)

1-2 additional courses3-6 credits
Thesis Research3 credits

Total credits for program: 36