Our hands-on, 12-month program offers extensive practice of the skills you will need as a working journalist across all digital and print platforms.

Experienced professionals on the faculty work one-on-one with students to give you real-world training in reporting, writing, editing, social media, design and production. And we bring the real world to you, in the form of internship opportunities built into the curriculum.

Summer Immersion (7 credits):

MND 602 Journalism Ethics & Diversity1
MND 605 News Writing and Reporting3
VIS 607 Graphic Design Fundamentals3

Fall Semester (9 credits):

MND 616 Applied Research for Magazine, News and Digital Journalists (Prereq: MND 605; Co-req: MND 615)3
MND 615 Reporting and Writing3
MND 617 Multimedia Storytelling for Journalists3

Fall or Spring Semester (3 credits):

MND 608 Magazine and News Editing3

Spring Semester (6 credits):

COM 698 Media Law3
Newhouse Elective3

Tracks (Choose one, 12-13 credits):

Magazine, News and Digital Journalism (12 credits)
Electives (Choose two, spring semester)6
Capstone Experience (First Summer Session)
MNO 631 Digital Launch (3-6 credits)
COM 670 Internship (1-3 credits)
COM 690 Independent Study (1-3 credits)
(Students may fulfill the requirement by taking 6 credits in MND 631, or completing a combination of choices from the above list with advisor approval.)
Sports Media & Communications (13 credits)
SMC 601 Sports Media & Communications Proseminar (Summer Immersion)1
Sports Media & Communications Electives (Fall or Spring Semester)6
(SMC students may take any combination of 1 and/or 3 credit courses over the fall and spring semesters to reach a total of 6 Sports Media & Communications elective credits. Students will choose their electives under the guidance of the Director of Sports Media & Communications.)
Capstone Experience (First Summer Session)
COM 670 Internship (3 credits)
COM 690 Independent Study (3 credits)
(SMC students will choose sports-related topics and sponsors with the direction of the Director of Sports Media & Communications, when completing their  COM 670 and COM 690 coursework.)

Total Credits: 37-38