Visual design is only part of what you’ll learn as a graphic design student, and it’s only part of what you’ll be doing after you graduate. Combining photography, writing and critical thinking skills with essential learning in ethics and communications law, you’ll graduate from our program with the ability to work and think on a big-picture level, as well as get into the granularity of all the choices you’ll need to make with purpose and intent as a designer.

Some courses you’ll take as part of your graphic design degree:


Introduction to Graphic Design

Teaches underlying principles of visual communications and the fundamental strategies, tools and practices of graphic design; emphasizes visual problem-solving, including conceptualization, typography, layout, image editing and production of print and digital communications.

VIS 317

Typographic Design

Explores essential history, concepts, skills and strategies for thoughtful and informed typographic decision-making in creating elegant and smart design solutions. Focuses on typeface design, the setting of text, and visual strategies.

VIS 457

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Design

Students will utilize design thinking to create human-centered experiences and useable interfaces for web and mobile, including an interactive prototype for a UI/UX project package.