An aerial shot of students working in a Newhouse computer lab.

Public Communications Studies

The Newhouse minor in public communications studies focuses on theory rather than skills.

The public communications studies minor is geared toward students interested in the general study and analysis of communications and society. As with all minors at Syracuse University, students must complete 18 credits (six classes) of which 12 credits (four classes) must be 300-level or above.

Two required courses

COM 107 Communications and Society

COM 505 Communications Law for Journalists 

or COM 506 Communications Law for Television, Radio, Film 

Minors have a choice between the two law courses. This course requires senior standing.

One introductory course

ADV 206 Advertising Practice in a Diverse Society

PRL 206 Public Relations Principles and Concepts

MAG 205 An Introduction: Editorial, Ethics and the Business of Magazines

TRF 235 Principles and Practices: Television-Radio, Film Industries

Three additional courses from any of the following choices:

ADV 345 Economics, Persuasion, and the Global Marketplace (offered in spring only)

COM 346 Race, Gender and the Media   

GRA 345 Visual Issues in the Media (offered in fall only)   

NEW 345 Critical Perspective on News   

PRL 345 The Ethics of Advocacy

TRF 340 Topics in Critical and Historical Perspectives (topics vary per semester)

TRF 530 Popular Culture Studies (two to four topics offered each semester; course can be taken multiple times with different topics)

COM 527 International Communications (offered through SU Abroad, London)

PRL 400 Selected Topics

TRF 560 Topics in International Perspectives (topics vary per semester, offered through SU Abroad, London)

One of the following “open choice” courses may be taken to complete the public communications studies minor:

COM 300 or COM 400 Changing topics that vary per semester (some offered abroad in London, Madrid and Strasbourg)

TRF 592 Film Business or TRF 594 TV Business   

Applying to the public communications studies minor

Students must apply for admission to the public communication studies minor and meet the established criteria for admission. Applications can be picked up at and returned to the Newhouse Advising and Records Office (316 Newhouse 3). Deadline for fall admission is May 1 and the deadline for spring admission is December 15.

Requirements for acceptance

Students must have completed 30 graded credit hours at Syracuse University (SU Project Advance credits do count, AP or other transfer credit do not), and meet the required cumulative GPA for the semester in which the student has applied. The GPA cutoff will vary each semester, depending on space available. Past cumulative GPA cutoffs have ranged from 3.10-3.45.


Admitted students will be notified in early July via email for fall admission and the second week of January for spring admission, also via email.

Formally declaring the minor

After acceptance, students have a meeting and fill out a declaration form, indicating specific courses to complete the minor, with the minor coordinator, Assistant Dean Karen McGee (315 Newhouse 3). Final approval of the minor plan is needed from the student’s home college.