A photo of a man taking photos on a street.

Communications Photography

If you're interested in adding digital photography to your skills, Newhouse has a minor for that.

The Newhouse communications photography minor is designed for non-Newhouse students interested in gaining hands-on skills in digital photography. Students must prove some skill in photography and pass a portfolio before being admitted to this minor. As with all minors at Syracuse University, students must complete 18 credits (six classes) of which 12 credits (four classes) must be 300-level or above.


Student must have:

  • completed 30 credits at Syracuse University in courses graded A-F, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • succesfully completed VIS 201 and VIS 207
  • submitted an application to the Newhouse Undergraduate Advising Office (316 Newhouse 3) by December 15 for spring admission or May 1 for fall admission.

Students must declare the communications photography minor no later than the first semester of their junior year.

Three required courses:

COM 107 Communications and Society 

VIS 201 Introduction to Photography for Multimedia

PHO 302 Principles of Photography II

Fourth Course (choose one):

VIS 324 Light and Concept


VIS 405 Photographic Storytelling

Two Additional Courses

Any Newhouse course for which the student has the prerequisites

Formally declaring the minor

After acceptance, students have a meeting and fill out a declaration form, indicating specific courses to complete the minor, with the minor coordinator, Assistant Dean Karen McGee (316 Newhouse 3). Final approval of the minor plan is needed from the student’s home college.