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Media and Education

The media and education master's program joins the multimedia storytelling focus of the Newhouse School with the cultural foundations of education focus of Syracuse University's School of Education.

Exploring, Creating, Reinventing

The first and only graduate program of its kind in the United States, the M.A. in media and education is reinventing the profile of educators and storytellers in schools, media industry, and society. Media and education graduates will be experts in the complex synergies between media and education in our culture, and will be on the leading edge of production, analysis, and innovative application of media in diverse environments.

See the 2020-2021 media and education master's program course list for more information. 

The media and education master of arts program combines the faculty, resources, and exceptional legacies of two renowned Syracuse University schools: the School of Education and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

More information on the media and education M.A. program

  • What is the media and education method?
    • What is the media and education method?

      Exploring the status quo of the fields of media and education

      • Deconstructing the narratives on topics such as disability, race, gender, class, identity, popular culture and democracy, and the historical and current representations of those topics in the media
      • Mastering the process of critical thinking through provocative research, multimedia creations, thought-provoking films, challenging and honest conversations in colloquia, and interdisciplinary investigations

      Creating compelling media works

      • Engaging in conventional and unconventional storytelling by mastering storytelling tools and techniques in a particular area of interest
      • Using storytelling as a tool for exploration, analysis, and expansion of knowledge

      Reinventing the possibilities inherent in the convergence between media and education

      • Providing spaces, through traditional and digital media, for individuals, cultures, and communities to tell their stories in meaningful and authentic ways
      • Producing work with the assumption that the world, media, and education are multicultural, multiracial, and global
  • Is media and education for me?
    • The M.A. in media and education is for any professional interested in the art of visual and digital storytelling, and the analysis of media in educational settings. Individuals who would be a good fit for this program may include:

      • students interested in enhancing their pedagogy with creative production and engagement of media.
      • library media specialists who would like to learn about emerging media trends and techniques.
      • current content or media producers looking to connect more meaningfully with contemporary audiences through emerging mass media channels.
  • Admission and application information
    • Important Information about the M.A. in media and education program

      • This is a one-year, 36-credit, full-time residency program.
      • This program is an independent intellectual enterprise and therefore does not lead to initial or professional certification.

      The M.A. program follows Syracuse University’s general guidelines for admission to graduate study. Applicants must present respectable evidence of excellence with depth and dimension in their records. The review committee expects to admit students with an exemplary transcript, extraordinary letters of recommendation, a personal statement that reflects potential growth, and demonstrated experience in education and/or media studies. Also, we will use the Kira Talent interface to collect unrehearsed video responses to questions about goals and qualifications in relation to media and education.
      Application deadline is January 15.
      Additional Notes

      • Applications after this deadline will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis.
      • Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required for admission to this program.

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Michael Schoonmaker

Featured Faculty

Michael Schoonmaker

Chair, Television, Radio & Film Professor Television, Radio & Film Also teaches in: Mass Communications Media Studies Media and Education

Michael Schoonmaker began his production career at MTV, then moved to NBC’s Olympic Unit to work on coverage of the 1988 Games. He is author of "Camera in the Classroom: Educating the Post-TV Generation," a product of 15 years of making movies with K-12 teachers and students. He is the recipient of two Chancellor's Leadership Grants from Syracuse University: One for "Smart Kids Visual Stories" (2009-2011), a joint venture between the Newhouse School and the School of Education; and one for the LA Semester program.

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