Newhouse students work in an audio studio.

Audio Arts

The interdisciplinary program in audio arts prepares you for careers at the intersection of music and media.

Perhaps you enjoyed your major as an undergrad, but your experience on the concert committee or campus radio was what got you out of bed every day. Maybe there is a career for you in the music business, the recording or TV studio or in radio. Consider the audio arts master’s degree program at Syracuse University. With one foot in the Newhouse School and the other in the College of Visual and Performing Arts, audio arts is a 14-month master’s level exploration of the world of audio and the business of music.

What is the focus of the program?

The audio arts graduate program is designed to provide the necessary combination of practical training and theoretical study to prepare you for a career in four exciting fields. While completing this 36-credit curriculum, you may choose to focus on:

  • Audio recording
  • Music business
  • Radio horizons
  • Music video

Our professional faculty members emphasize hands-on experience in all coursework and encourage you to pursue internships at television, radio stations and multimedia news operations. Small class sizes allow for invaluable one-on-one interaction between students and faculty.

Meet some of our faculty:
What will I experience as an audio arts student?
  • Audio arts is an immersion program that provides hands-on experience from your first day at Syracuse University to your last.
  • Your experience begins with summer "boot camp," which is split between a comprehensive tour of the music industry and a Pro Tools-fueled introduction to the art of studio recording.
  • You may elect to "go deep" into one of the specialties listed above, or "go wide" and mix the fields that resonate with you.
  • You will spend the fall and spring semesters honing your business and technical skills through classroom exploration with our dynamic faculty and hands-on projects through independent study and capstone projects.
  • The Audio Arts Colloquium lecture series and pro-seminar will expose you to active professionals from the full spectrum of specialties.
  • During winter break you will choose a week-long "Winterlude" in New York City or Los Angeles, networking and learning from world-class business leaders and content creators.
  • For the final summer capstone: audio arts faculty will work with you to identify attractive career paths and help connect you with the internship capstone to open those doors. 
  • The Newhouse facilities have undergone a major upgrade with the opening of the Newhouse Studio & Innovation Center in Fall 2014. This $18 million project places the most cutting-edge technology right at your fingertips.
What can I do with my degree?

Syracuse University has been graduating successful music business executives, entrepreneurs and techies for decades. The undergraduate Bandier Program for Music and the Entertainment Industries launched in the fall 2007. Bandier's rewarding engagement with the professional audio arts community naturally led to the creation of the audio arts master's program, which launched in June of 2014. Audio arts students are a dynamic mix of young men and women from diverse backgrounds.

When is the application deadline?

All applications must be submitted by Feb. 1.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

Find an in-depth master’s program FAQ here. You may contact Newhouse co-director Bill Werde, or Visual and Performing Arts co-director Todd Herreman. You may also email Newhouse's Office of Professional Graduate Studies at or call 315-443-4039.

How do I apply?