Goldring Arts Journalism

Meet the 18-19 Arts Journalists

Kaitlyn Cummings

A photo of Kaitlyn Cummings

Kaitlyn Cummings is a Brooklyn-born film critic whose essays explore the depths of feminist film theory. Kaitlyn’s essays have been published in The Paper Shell Review and will soon be featured in Film Matters. Inspired by writers like Carol J. Clover, Karen Hollinger, and Nathan Rabin her work aims to dissect female roles and tropes across popular film genres like comedy and science fiction. Outside of feminist film criticism, Kaitlyn also enjoys culinary journalism and is an avid lover of Bravo’s "Top Chef."

Ricardo Loubriel

A photo of Ricardo Loubriel

Ricardo Loubriel is a journalist, historian and writer from Puerto Rico. He recently graduated from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico where he got a baccalaureate in history. Ricardo has carried out investigations in subjects such as the Arauco War in Latin America, the Intromission of Mercenaries in the continent of Africa, the Conquest of Alexander the Great, and the American-Hispanic War. He usually writes about his personal opinion in political, social and issues related to cultural diversity, and aims to become a professional journalist so he can advocate for cultural education worldwide, thus, fostering the acceptance of multicultural coexistence in a single country. His focus is on arts, history and popular culture, and he is passionate about travelling, road trips, mixology and culinary arts.

Geena Matuson

A photo of Geena Matuson

Geena Matuson is a Boston-born creative director and writer focused on education through storytelling. With a BFA in Film/Video and emphasis on semiotics and multimodality, her often surreal work shines a light on societal perceptions. Her interests led to elected position as Trustee for Medfield Public Library, where she advocated for STEAM programming. Featured in festivals, galleries and publications internationally, her work was most recently published in Three Rooms Press’ Maintenant 12: Contemporary Dada Art & Writing, alongside release of her first book Dadalectic, now available online.

Lyle Michael

A photo of Lyle Michael

For the past eight years, Lyle Andrew Michael has been a senior feature writer based in Bombay, where he coupled that with freelance academic writing. Never trust a skinny food writer, they say. He believes he belies that axiom with proof in his writing. That along with wine, travel, poetry, and a soft spot for animals, encapsulate him; the hunger for which is satiated through the power of the pen. He holds a degree in journalism from St. Xavier’s College, and graduated First Class with Distinction.

Christina Nagel

A photo of Christina Nagel

Christina Nagel is a recent graduate of Binghamton University in history with an emphasis in Latin American studies. She worked as an amateur photographer and event organizer at the non-profit organization American Civic Association. Christina is interested in the intersection of politics and history with music, film, architecture, visual arts and design. She has organized for the Democratic Socialists of America and written reviews for indigenous art exhibitions in South America, particularly Bolivia. In her free time, she likes reading about philosophy, sociology and anthropology and learning new languages.

Madalyn Owen

A photo of Madalyn Owen

Madalyn Owen is a recent Nazareth College graduate, with a degree in communications and media (and an abundance of minors). Madalyn attended the Institute for Theatre Journalism and Advocacy, worked as a social media intern at the Kennedy Center and worked with the Nazareth College Arts Center as a marketing assistant, where she produced over two dozen promotional videos. With a passion for storytelling and all things creative, Madalyn aspires to have a career as a content creator for a performing arts organization.

Alexa Piwowarski

A photo of Alexa Piwowarski

Alexa Piwowarski is a journalist and recent graduate of Purchase College where she majored in journalism and minored in sociology. She has written for the university music magazine, interned at the campus art gallery as a social media manager and worked as a media consultant for an upscale salon in White Plains, NY. She recently penned an extensive multimedia piece exploring the links between mental illness and creativity, interviewing six artists of different genres and backgrounds. Alexa plans to report on and further explore the realm of music journalism.

Sarah Tietje-Mietz

A photo of Sarah Tietje-Mietz

Sarah Tietje-Mietz serves as the full-time Visitor Services-Site Promotion Coordinator at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, a sculpture park which boasts mid-century modern structures listed on the National Register of Historic Places. With a background in traditional studio arts (BFA, Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University) and historic preservation, (MSHP, Art Institute of Chicago) her passions for architecture, history, art and their place in the wider community come through in her career with the art park, as well as her role as vice-president of the Erie Canal Museum Board of Directors and on the board of the Association for Gravestone Studies. She strives to find the stories behind the art and architecture we see around us, and hopes to empower and engage those in our communities by telling them. Still an avid painter and photographer, Sarah and her husband reside in Cazenovia, NY.

Mary Walrath

A photo of Mary Walrath

Mary Walrath is an award-winning journalist, champion of racking up internships and recent graduate of Nazareth College of Rochester. Currently a freelancer for 585 Magazine, CITY Newspaper and The Wedge, her work has also appeared in Street Sense Media, Open Mic Rochester, Cambridge House International and the International Network of Street Papers. A “music school dropout” and life-long musical theatre enthusiast, she hopes to use her past minor in sociology and experience in socially-focused reporting to examine the cultural implications of the arts and continue to be a sort-of musician in her free time.

Mike Zawisza

A photo of Mike Zawisza

Mike Zawisza is a Philly native and recent graduate of Villanova University endowed with a love of music and a budding interest in new media. Mike has spent the past year creating online content and curating social media accounts for local Chick-Fil-A franchises. During his four years at Villanova, Mike’s passion for music, as well as his interest in pop-culture and sports, led him to found and co-host the "JoséCansecSHOW." The weekly radio spot provided a (minimally) funny amalgamation of music news, sports headlines and political satire that furthered his interest in the field of arts and broadcast journalism.