Two women standing outside of Newhouse 1 with Otto the Orange

Spoleto Festival institutional writer Leah Harrison G'12, Otto the Orange and Spoleto Festival marketing director Jessie Bagley. Photo by Janet Anthony.

Arts Journalism

As the first master's degree program in arts journalism at an accredited journalism school, Newhouse's Goldring Arts Journalism program pioneered the concept of training journalists for arts news coverage.

Communicating about today's culture—whether online, on-air or in magazines and newspapers—requires advanced skills in digital technology, writing and multimedia storytelling. The professional arts journalist also needs in-depth knowledge in a variety of areas: music, theater, film, visual arts, television, popular culture, fashion, architecture and design.

Traditionally, arts journalists have started out either as artists who learned to write or as writers who became passionately interested in writing about an art form. The Goldring Arts Journalism program offers a uniquely flexible combination of courses designed to meet the educational objectives of each student while also providing training in multimedia communications.

"Without the Goldring Arts Journalism Program, I wouldn't have my dream job doing what I love for a living." Nigel M. Smith '10 News Editor, Movies - People Magazine

Develop unique expertise

Through its core courses, the Goldring program offers specific training in communication about the arts as well as opportunities for cross-disciplinary arts learning. Knowledge of multiple art forms has become increasingly important for arts journalists and makes you a more valuable asset in the competitive environment of today's digital newsrooms.

Craft your own curriculum

Working closely with two advisers, the program director and a faculty member specializing in a key area of arts and culture, you identify your educational goals and shape your own unique curriculum of journalism and arts courses.

Goldring's dedicated career development coordinator works closely with the Newhouse Career Development Center to help you make important career connections that lead to employment. You will also benefit from the mentoring and expertise of members of the Goldring Arts Journalism Advisory Board, as well as the Newhouse School's extensive network of successful alumni working in the media field. 

Goldring students travel to Charleston, South Carolina each spring to help cover the Spoleto Festival for the Charleston Post and Courier. This video about students' experiences at Spoleto is by Goldring alumnus Nick DeSantis '13.

Every fall, Goldring Arts Journalism students travel to Canada for the Toronto International Film Festival. The weekend is an intense and electrifying experience of viewing and reviewing a variety of films that people from around the world flock to see. This video by Goldring alumnus Nick DeSantis '13 offers a look at the TIFF experience for students.