A male student sits and reads on a bench outside Newhouse 3.

Mass Communications

Our mass communications Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary degree rooted in social and behavioral sciences.

In Newhouse's Ph.D. program, you will find a stimulating intellectual environment where you may explore and specialize in a variety of topics, including media ethics and diversity; media sociology; new media; political communication; popular television; public relations; or social effects.

The doctoral program is designed to be completed in three years, with two years of coursework, followed by qualifying exams and the dissertation.

"The best part of the Newhouse Ph.D. program is the collaboration between students within the program and between faculty and students." Jamie Riccio First-year student

Research what interests you

The program is interdisciplinary in spirit, with students taking a considerable amount of coursework in academic areas outside the Newhouse School. While certain Newhouse courses are required, the program is sufficiently flexible to provide students with opportunities to pursue their own scholarly interests.

You will be actively engaged in research incorporating a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches, and encouraged to present your work at national and international conferences. You will also be active in Syracuse University's Future Professoriate Program, which provides superior training and mentoring in college level teaching.

Financial support is available

Newhouse doctoral students are fully funded for three years and receive financial support through University Fellowships or research or teaching assistantships. We also offer dissertation funding and generous financial support for conference travel. Up to five students are admitted to the program each year.