Television, Radio & Film

Our program produces graduates who go on to work in the entertainment and interactive media industries.

When the credits roll at the end of a TV show or a movie, you're likely to see the names of our alumni. Newhouse's television, radio and film program gives you the skills you need to be part of the creative, management and production processes of the television, radio, film and online entertainment industries.

"Participating in the SULA Semester gave me the opportunity to work in the entertainment industry even before I graduated." -Jamie Kapili '12

Visual storytelling comes first

In your first two years, you learn how visuals, audio and video are used to tell stories. You study systems of production, distribution and exhibition and their economic, political and social impact. In your junior and senior years, you can do more advanced work in writing, production or management. 

Your final two years in the program will bring more advanced work in writing, production or management as you work with your faculty adviser to build a program that fits your unique interests and goals.

You may prefer to select such subjects as television and film production or screenwriting at intermediate and advanced levels. Or you may find value in creatively blending a variety of courses, including television and film production, screenwriting, music recording and sound production, multimedia or entertainment industry management.

Entertainment industry partnerships are our strength

Use what you've learned and gain even more experience through local and national internships. Meet industry professionals, many of whom are Newhouse alumni, as they visit the school to share their wisdom and vision with students. And don't forget to check out our SULA Semester program. 

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Featured Faculty

Keith Giglio

Associate Professor Television, Radio & Film

Screenwriter and producer Keith Giglio has worked on such projects as “Joshua,” “Noah,” “Return to Halloweentown,” Walt Disney’s “Tarzan,” “Pizza My Heart,” “A Cinderella Story” and “Another Cinderella Story.” He has written for Paramount, Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, Spyglass, Walden, Tokyopop and Platinum Studios. His sci-fi television pilot is in development, and he recently sold a TV pilot entitled “Mercy Air.” He is the author of “Writing the Comedy Blockbuster.”

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