A photo of the PR Week Awards from 2017, 2016 and 2015 won by the Newhouse School.

Newhouse's public relations program was named by PRWeek as Outstanding Education Program in 2017 and PR Education Program of the Year in 2016, and earned an honorable mention for PR Education Program of the Year in 2012 and 2018.

Public Relations

Newhouse public relations students graduate fully prepared to enter today's public relations workplaces.

Newhouse's public relations program is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the nation. Here you learn how to manage corporate, government, economic, consumer and media relationships and you gain essential technical and management skills.

Strategic thinking taught here

Public relations (PR) professionals need to connect organizations with their publics through strategic communications. With a Newhouse degree, you will be well-prepared to develop those strategies and advise businesses, government entities and nonprofit organizations in matters of public opinion and social responsibility. You learn how to reach many kinds of groups, including consumers, government officials, community organizations, employees, investors and journalists. We equip you with technical skills expected of entry-level professionals and the management skills you need to advance.

A banner announcing the program as a PR Week 2016 Awards winner.

The PR degree plan of action

To start, you learn the basic skills of writing, graphic design, interactive communications and oral presentation. You then study how to develop and evaluate communication campaigns. You produce campaign materials, original research, brochures and newsletters. You learn how to balance clients' expectations and budget limitations. You also work with other students to simulate common public relations events like news conferences.

As a senior, you get a feel for the most sophisticated public relations operations in the world through a faculty-supervised trip to New York City, where you meet with professionals to gain insight and get advice on job searches and portfolios.

When you graduate, you may find work in corporations, public relations agencies, government, health care institutions, schools, travel and leisure enterprises, sports organizations, trade or professional associations or high-tech ventures.

A photo of the faculty and staff of the Public Relations department.

The public relations department photo, 2017. First row, L to R: Betsy Feeley, Kelly Gaggin, Rochelle Ford, Anthony D'Angelo, Kerri Howell, Caroline Reff, Joon Soo Lim.

Second row, L to R: Hua Jiang, Maria Russell, Dennis Kinsey, Bill Jasso, Steven Pike, Michael Meath, Christal Johnson.