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Using video and still photography, our students capture the world as it unfolds and create stunning imagery in studio and on location.

Build your skills, add your creative vision.

This program prepares students for creative careers in photography and video production by focusing on the principles of light, concept and storytelling, introducing them to the latest technology and methods, and helping them find their unique visual voice.

As a Newhouse photography student, you can develop your skills with a focus in one of two professional tracks:

  • Commercial and Advertising Photography
    Students in this track focus on creating images of situations that wouldn’t otherwise exist, which includes fiction, illustrative, portraiture, still life and studio work.
  • Photojournalism and Editorial Photography
    Students in this track focus on capturing aspects of life in front of their camera as they happen, which includes non-fiction, documentary, news, magazine and sports work. If you enjoy the excitement of working in the field capturing a story as it unfolds or telling a story of the human condition, this track will interest you.

Students in both tracks take courses in still photography, video production, lighting and post-production, and use a vast array of professional software and state-of-the-art imaging methods and equipment to create still and video projects. As a photography major, you also will also learn about entrepreneurship, communications ethics and law, and develop skills in graphic design and writing to enhance your professional presentation and public-facing materials.

Bachelor of Science

Unlike at art schools and technical institutes, video/photo students at Newhouse earn a bachelor of science degree, which means they take a significant number of courses outside their major for a more well-rounded education, one rooted in liberal arts and intended to produce big thinkers with perspective and a critical understanding of the world.

Real-world experience

Students can further enhance their visual communications experience through work for real-world clients, by contributing to some of our many campus publications, or by collaborating with other students on anything from journalism projects to advertising or public relations campaigns. They can add even greater variety, depth and perspective to their experience by also studying with one of our international photography school partners or through SU Abroad.

Gregory Heisler

Featured Faculty

Gregory Heisler

Distinguished Professor of Photography Visual Communications Also teaches in: Photography Military Visual Journalism

Gregory Heisler works with undergraduate and graduate students in class and individually to identify and develop their unique visual signature as he teaches them the language of image-making. This signature transcends genres like documentary, commercial or fine art, and reveals itself in both still and moving imagery. It’s a unique point of view informed by the history of the medium, shaped by mastery of its tools and expressed with clarity of intention.

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