A photo of an active newsroom during a live NCC News broadcast.

An active newsroom during a live NCC News broadcast.

Broadcast and Digital Journalism

Our broadcast and digital journalism students get hands-on experience and learn from a professionally experienced faculty. They graduate from our program ready to objectively report and deliver news.

Meet the Producer

Producers are the behind-the-scenes journalists who make decisions about what stories to cover and how they should be covered. They also put together the visual presence of the show, deciding what types of graphics to use, where to place field reporters for live reports and what guests to use. Producers often have the final say about how stories are written, so excellent writing skills are a must. Many producers go on to be executive producers, news directors and even station or network division managers. These jobs are hard to fill because they require such a broad range of skills. The good news is, the Newhouse broadcast and digital journalism department can help you attain those skills for your future as a broadcast producer. Brian Neal '01, an assistant news director at WXII in Winston-Salem, shares his thoughts and advice.

Whether you prefer reporting the news live or working behind the scenes, the broadcast and digital journalism program at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University helps you develop the news sense and technical skills you need, both on and off the air. You learn to use audio, camera and editing equipment, and also develop your writing skills. Professors prepare you to navigate the digital world and use cutting-edge technology, social media and good, old-fashioned research and investigative skills. Our courses are practical and skills-oriented, and our students' work is held to the highest professional industry standards.

"Think about interviewing the U.S. women's soccer team. Or what about being part of NBC's Olympics coverage? All of this has been made possible for me." -Alexa Greenberg '13

Our faculty members have lived the journalism life

Learn from broadcasters who have reported and anchored the news, corresponded from around the world, managed newsrooms and produced in local and national markets. You will further your knowledge and experience with electives that include political and sports reporting; web journalism and interactive media; and broadcast management.

Your first break in the business

There are many on-campus opportunities to improve your skills in real-life reporting situations. You can also take advantage of Syracuse broadcast market internships as well as summer internships at news outlets across the country. When you graduate, you will be well equipped to work in a multimedia, multi-platform world.

As a graduate, you'll join our network of successful alumni working as on-air multimedia news and sports journalists. Or you may work behind the scenes as a producer, researcher or newsroom manager.