Four Newhouse students listen in a classroom.

Graduate Coursework

At the graduate level, the communications department offers required courses and electives for students pursuing graduate study, particularly in the media studies master’s program and the mass communications Ph.D. program. Some of those courses include:

Required theory and methods courses 

  • COM 605: Quantitative Methods for Mass Communication Research—This course provides students with foundations for the study of communication using quantitative methods, including using basic statistics to test for bivariate and multivariate relationships between variables.
  • COM 606: Qualitative Methods for Mass Communication Research—This course helps students learn key qualitative approaches for the study of media such as in-depth interviews, textual analysis and focus groups.
  • COM 755: Mass Communication Theory—This course provides students with an introduction to theory building and concept explication, as well an overview of key social scientific, critical, and cultural theories about mass communication.
  • COM 601: Thesis Design—This course helps media studies master’s students take their research ideas and turn them into a workable thesis project.  Students exit the course with a thesis proposal.

Graduate level elective courses

  • Social Media Theory and Practice
  • Theories of Media Content
  • Minds in New and Social Media