A student and professor work with a subject wearing a virtual reality headset.

M.I.N.D. Lab

The Media Interface and Networking Design (M.I.N.D.) Labs are a network of labs dedicated to groundbreaking research in communication and human-computer interaction. Centered at the Newhouse School, the research projects pursued at the M.I.N.D. Labs examine ways in which media interfaces affect human cognition and performance, and how the mind can be augmented or enhanced by media interfaces, applications or messages.

Through the Newhouse M.I.N.D. Lab, students have the opportunity to explore the frontier of new media, working with experienced researchers finding answers to questions we've only just begun to ask. Established in 2013, the Newhouse M.I.N.D. Lab has conducted research on user response to voice control systems, understanding and predicting emotional response to media, and gender differences when interacting with online dating site interfaces.

The facility is a unique combination of the arts, new media and scientific human-computer interaction, allowing for research that supports visual and performing arts with virtual environment tools. The SU Arts Engage space is used for this interactive work, as well as community-accessible workshops, rehearsals and performances that afford the ability to capture full-body interaction within virtual environments using 3D game and visualization design.