Our centers support and encourage free speech, entrepreneurship, research and examination of mass communications. Each center is uniquely positioned to enrich students' academic and professional pursuits, as well as provide valuable resources, bring in distinguished speakers and award outstanding scholarship and professionalism.

Bleier Center for Television & Popular Culture

The Bleier Center provides scholarship, commentary and education in the areas of television and popular culture. In addition to offering  courses, the center supports research at Syracuse University and has become a source of expertise to the nation's media in all aspects of television and American popular culture.

Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship

Newhouse's Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship promotes new media innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities to students. The center provides courses, coaching and connections for student entrepreneurs in a fast-changing, digital media environment.

Newhouse Center for Global Engagement

The Newhouse Center for Global Engagement is dedicated to bringing knowledge to the world through storytelling, collaboration and innovation. The center features the global work of Newhouse students, faculty and staff while providing a hub for new initiatives and partnerships. The center strives to bring the classroom into the world, and the world into the classroom.

Newhouse Sports Media Center

The Newhouse Sports Media Center builds upon the Newhouse School’s strength in sports communications. The center provides oversight for the school’s sports communications emphasis, a specialized track for graduate students, and strengthens academic-industry partnerships through an alumni board, special events and guest lectures. Associated faculty members serve as experts on issues in the field. Veteran broadcast journalist and professor of practice John Nicholson is the director.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC)

The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) is a data gathering, research and distribution organization based at the Newhouse School in partnership with the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. TRAC's purpose is to provide the American people—and institutions of oversight such as Congress, news organizations, public interest groups, businesses, scholars and lawyers—with comprehensive information about the staffing, spending and enforcement activities of the federal government.

Tully Center for Free Speech

The Tully Center for Free Speech supports free speech, research and open dialogue. It was founded thanks to a generous bequest from Joan A. Tully, a 1969 alumna of the Newhouse School.

W2O Center for Social Commerce

The W2O Group Center for Social Commerce, centered at the Newhouse School, offers public relations students, professors, W2O staff and clients opportunities for growth and skill-building in the emerging field of social commerce.

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