Between our hands-on, experiential classes and your internships with local and network news outlets, you’ll be working as a journalist from the start of your studies.

You will be coached to write news that is clear, concise and compelling. You will research and report. You will produce and anchor newscasts. You will navigate the digital news world using mobile devices and social media. Additionally, you will study today’s most critical journalism issues and ethical dilemmas. After completing our curriculum, you will be well-equipped to work in a multimedia, multi-platform news world.

First and Second Years (10 credits):

COM 107 Communications and Society3
COM 117 Multimedia Storytelling3
JNL 211 Cross-Media News Writing3
VIS 251 Still Photography for Broadcast Journalism1

Second Year (8 credits):

BDJ 312 Audio and Digital News Writing, Reporting and Producing (Pre-req: JNL 211; Co-req: VIS 261)3
JNL 221 Foundations of Data Journalism3
VIS 261 Videography for Broadcast Journalism (Pre-req: VIS 251; Co-req: BDJ 312)2

Second or Third Year (3 credits):

BDJ 342 Television and Digital News Reporting (Pre-req: BDJ 312 and VIS 261)3

Third and Fourth Years (12 credits):

Advanced Journalism Course (Students can choose a course or combination of courses that equals three credits)3
Advanced Reporting Course (Students can choose a course or combination of courses that equals three credits)3
COM 346 Race, Gender, and the Media, OR COM 348 Beauty and Diversity in Fashion Media OR COM 350 Topics in Media, Diversity and Inclusion3
JNL 345 Business and Ethics of Journalism in a Changing World (Pre-req: COM 107)3

Fourth Year (3 credits):

COM 505 Communications Law for Journalists3

Capstone Requirement (3 credits):

BDJ 465 TV & Digital News Producing and Presenting (Pre-req: BDJ 342 or BDJ 464, senior standing)3

Any semester after First Year (3 credits):

Newhouse Electives (Any Newhouse courses except internships)3

Total Credits: 42