Between our hands-on, experiential classes and your internships with local and network news outlets, you’ll be working as a journalist from the start of your studies.

You will be coached to write news that is clear, concise and compelling. You will research and report. You will produce and anchor newscasts. You will navigate the digital news world using mobile devices and social media. Additionally, you will study today’s most critical journalism issues and ethical dilemmas. After completing our curriculum, you will be well-equipped to work in a multimedia, multi-platform news world.

Some courses you’ll take as part of your broadcast and digital journalism degree:

BDJ 311

Broadcast and Digital News Writing

Basic style and construction of broadcast and digital news stories. Composing and writing radio, television, and web news stories under deadline pressure. Techniques of broadcast interviewing and information gathering.

BDJ 364

Radio and Digital Audio News Reporting

Gather, produce and report news in the radio and digital audio medium, including field experiences and newscast production in laboratories. Students will be required to analyze political stories, environmental issues, and other issues facing communities.

VIS 261

Videography for Broadcast Journalism

Teaches foundational principles and skills of videography and broadcast journalism.