Meet the 22-23 Arts Journalists

Desi Gillespie

Desi graduated from the University of Alabama with a major in news media and a minor in music production. During Desi’s time in college, his bylines included the Crimson White, the University of Alabama alumni magazine and the Tuscaloosa News. Desi more recently interned at Syracuse’s Subcat Studios to build on his audio education. Though he feels most comfortable writing about music and theater, Tuscaloosa’s small-town fine arts scene honed his skills in areas like the visual arts. Desi hopes to eventually become an arts and culture editor for a major online publication.

Jeremy Lynch

Jeremy graduated from the State University of New York at Oswego in May 2022 with a degree in broadcasting and mass communication. At WTOP-10, SUNY Oswego’s student-run TV station, Jeremy served as both a reporter and a graphics operator for its nightly news as well as a panelist for its entertainment news. Jeremy is excited to combine his visual and performing arts passions with journalism this year.   

June McCambridge (she/they)

Since graduating from Utica University in 2019, June has been learning and working in multiple disciplines. However, one thing has remained constant throughout that time: They cannot help but share the things they love. After working in theater, film, radio and music, they discovered their love for documenting and sharing different forms of art, which led them to Newhouse. June aims to not only report on new and interesting pieces of art, but to show the unseen parts of the craft that truly bring a piece to life. 

Natalie Rieth

Natalie is an aspiring journalist captivated by visual arts and museum studies. She aims to capture strides made by the museum community in achieving a more all-inclusive and representational art scene. Natalie graduated from Gonzaga University with a degree in journalism and minors in art history and public relations. Recently, she worked as a curatorial intern at Jundt Art Museum and as the managing editor of the Gonzaga Bulletin, a student newspaper. While living in Spokane, Wash., she also served as an arts and culture intern and a freelance writer for the Inlander.

Joyelle Ronan

Joyelle graduated from Roanoke College in 2021 with a major in communication studies and a concentration in screen studies. As a student, she served as section editor of the culture and wellness page and social media manager for the student-run newspaper, the Brackety-Ack. During her semester “abroad” in Washington, D.C., Joyelle worked as an editorial intern for District Fray magazine. As a pop-culture enthusiast, Joyelle particularly enjoys television, film and theater. She is interested in writing about how the media arts help people relate to, explore and find meaning in life.

Piper Starnes

Piper graduated from Clemson University with a degree in performing arts concentrated on piano and carillon. Spending hours in the practice room and on stage, Piper applied that same self-motivation to her journalism endeavors. She has written and interned for the Aspen Music Festival and School, the Sigal Music Museum and the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts. While editor for Clemson’s research magazine, Decipher, she learned that with persistence and genuine curiosity, there is something interesting and meaningful to find in any subject, no matter how grand or niche.