Working closely with two advisers, the program director and a faculty member specializing in a key area of arts and culture, you identify your educational goals and shape your own unique curriculum of journalism, communications and arts courses.

Goldring Arts Journalism and Communications Master’s Schedule

Total credits: 36

Summer Session II – 6 credits (July)

AJC 602Arts Reporting3 credits
MND 605News Writing and Reporting*3 credits

Fall Semester – 14 credits

AJC 606Feature & Critical Writing3 credits
AJC 615Cultural Issues I1 credits
AJC 616Cultural Issues II1 credits
COM 698Media Law3 credits
Electives**6 credits

Spring Semester – 10 credits

AJC 611Literature of Arts Journalism3 credits
AJC 621Practicum: NYC Arts1 credits
AJC 636Culture Media Practicum***3 credits
Elective**3 credits

Summer Session I – 6 credits

AJC 631Capstone Arts Writing Workshop6 credits

* Students with substantial journalism background may petition to substitute a suitable elective.

** Additional graduate courses in architecture, film, fine arts, music or theater, as well as journalism, communications and writing courses.

***AJC 636 can be repeated once. Students who wish to take this class as an elective in the fall semester in addition to the required spring section, may do so with permission of their advisor.