Photo of a student picking up equipment at the Newhouse CAGE.

Newhouse CAGE Equipment Policy

Newhouse CAGE Equipment Policy

Location: Newhouse 2 lobby

Equipment Reservations

Contact • 315-443-5663

  • CAGE Hours
    • The Newhouse CAGE has the following hours during the regular academic semesters:

      M—Th: 8am—7pm
      Friday: 8am—4:30pm
      Weekends: Closed

      Hours will vary during the summer, breaks and holidays.

      Equipment can be picked up or dropped off during the posted CAGE hours only

  • Access to Newhouse CAGE equipment
    • Access is designated by the borrower's course enrollment and the associated equipment for those classes. Check with your professor or IA to find out what equipment your class entitles you to reserve.

      Borrowers are required to have prior training on equipment they wish to reserve.

      Equipment provided through the CAGE is for Newhouse academic purposes ONLY.

      • Use of equipment for any other purpose is a violation of the terms of use and will result in the revocation of the borrower’s CAGE privileges. 
  • Equipment Requests & Reservations
    • Reserve equipment online via Zeus>>

      Equipment access from the Newhouse CAGE is on a first come, first served basis.

      Equipment requests can be made online up to two weeks in advance.

      Equipment requests will become a reservation when the equipment requested is available. An email confirmation will be sent to the borrower when the equipment is ready for pickup.

      Any reservation not checked out within one hour of the scheduled time will be canceled.

      Reservations will take priority over walk-in requests.

      There is a 24-hour waiting period between reservations to ensure fair access to all students. 

  • Equipment Checkout
    • A valid SUID, or valid E.S.F ID card, is required for all transactions.

      Equipment can be checked out for up to 24 hours.

      • Extended checkout periods for special projects must be coordinated at least two business days in advance by the borrower’s faculty member and/or department chair.
      • Faculty member or chair may email extension requests to

      Borrowers must inspect all equipment and confirm that all components are present and in working condition prior to leaving the CAGE. (See Lost, Stolen and Damaged Gear for more information.)

      The Receipt of Equipment and Financial Responsibility of Equipment form must be signed prior to leaving the CAGE area. (See Insurance for more information.)

      If the borrower identifies any issues with the equipment after checkout they must notify the CAGE staff immediately. If off campus, call the CAGE at 315-443-5663 or email the Help Desk at

      Borrowers are expected to use the equipment in a careful and appropriate manner and shall comply with and conform to all applicable laws, ordnances and regulations in any way relating to the use or possession of the equipment.

      It is the responsibility of the borrower to be familiar with all local laws regarding the recording of media in public and private spaces.

  • Equipment Return
    • All equipment must be returned no later than the time specified on the checkout receipt.

      • Equipment can be returned before this deadline during normal CAGE hours. (See Lost, Stolen and Damaged Gear & Personal Data & Property Sections)

      Borrowers are required to return the equipment in the same neatly organized state in which it was received.

      All late returns are subject to late fees and the Three-Strike Policy:

      • Strike 1: Written warning on account.
      • Strike 2: Account locked, Professor must submit approval to confirming they spoke with the student in regards to late returns before the borrowers account will be unlocked.

      • Strike 3: Account deactivated, CAGE privileges revoked, mandatory meeting with the CAGE staff, professor and Department Chair.

      If a student is running late, they must contact 315-443-5663 so the staff can note on the account that the student has been in touch.

      Multiple instances of tardiness will result in the borrower's account escalating directly to Strike 2.

  • Personal Data & Property
    • The Newhouse School and the CAGE are not responsible for lost SD cards, compact flash cards or any data left on the equipment.

      The Newhouse School and the CAGE are not responsible for the damage or loss of the borrower's recorded media or files. 

  • Lost, Stolen or Damaged Gear
    • Borrowers are financially responsible for all of the equipment they sign out from the CAGE. Any items that are lost, stolen and/or damaged fall under this policy.

      The CAGE engineering team will choose the appropriate repair and or replacement options for any equipment identified as lost, stolen and/or damaged.

      Within five business days, the borrower will receive a bill detailing the total repair/replacement costs.

      The bill is expected to be paid in full within one week of the email.

      • If the bill is still outstanding, it will be transferred on the University Bursar’s Office as a bursar hold. When a bursar hold is put in place the following may be impacted: access to CAGE resources, access to course registration and student record releases.
  • Insurance
    • Equipment made available through the CAGE is not covered under the University's General Insurance Policies. If any equipment is lost, stolen and/or damaged, the borrower will be held financially responsible for the equipment’s replacement and/or repair.

      Borrowers are strongly encouraged to check their homeowner’s insurance to see if they are covered or obtain their own Personal Property Insurance. There is a policy available though Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc. to protect personal property and any equipment in their possession.