The Newhouse School presents a number of annual awards designed to celebrate the best in the communications industry.

Toner Prize

The Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting recognizes the best U. S. national or local political reporting in any medium or on any platform—print, broadcast or online. 

Mirror Awards

Established in 2006 by the Newhouse School, the Mirror Awards honor the reporters, editors and teams of writers who hold a mirror to their own industry for the public’s benefit.

Alexia Grants

The Alexia awards grants to student and professional visual journalists to help them produce projects that inspire change by addressing topics that are socially significant. See rules below for details on each.

Tully Award for Free Speech

The Tully Award is given annually to a journalist who has shown courage in facing a free speech threat.

The Glickman Award

Presented by the Newhouse Sports Media Center, the Glickman Award is named for sportscasting pioneer Marty Glickman ’39.