World Journalism Project: See the stories

by Christy Perry

March 7, 2011

Newhouse urban reporting students' South Africa stories are now online

Newhouse urban reporting students on their way to cover a story in Grahamstown, South Africa

Students in Professor Steve Davis' Fall 2010 urban affairs class took one word in the course title—"urban"—out of this city and into one thousands of miles away.

Professors Steve Davis and Seth Gitner spent the early days of 2011 leading a team of 9 Newhouse urban reporting students in South Africa. They gathered community news in Grahamstown, South Africa, which is about the size of Syracuse and is also home to a major university.

Now you can see their South Africa stories on The World Journalism Project website.

The student reporters covered the south side of Syracuse for The Stand newspaper and website during Fall 2010. They spent their winter break in Grahamstown.

"The site features video profiles of a number of residents from the South Side and Grahamstown, testing our theory that no matter where you stand on the globe, the stories of everyday people are more alike than different," says Professor Davis. "They share an overwhelmingly positive spirit and the same goal: to make tomorrow better than today."

Professor Gitner worked with the class all fall semester, and was video point person and deeply influential in content planning in Grahamstown, Davis says. Stand Director Ashley Kang also made the trip and helped direct field teams. Professors Steve Masiclat and Jeff Passetti created the project's website.