From SU Orange to the Big Apple: Newhouse NYC Success Stories

by Nicole DeMentri

November 28, 2017

Life after college is an adjustment. But Newhouse NYC, a professional semester for Syracuse University communications students, gives students an entire semester to work, study and live in the Big Apple. A trial run, per se.

One thing students in the program—both past and present—have in common is the unique drive to begin making strides early in their chosen craft.

Of the dozens of students that have walked through the glass doors of the Fisher Center, so many of them have gone on to have incredible careers. Here are just a handful of the success stories out of Newhouse NYC.

A photo of Kaitlyn Frey '16
Kaitlyn Frey '16, magazine

Kaitlyn Frey '16, magazine

Newhouse NYC internship:

Current job: PEOPLE, Style and Beauty Editorial Assistant

Kaitlyn decided to apply to Newhouse NYC, since New York was both close to home and a city she always wanted to live in. She was thrilled to find out she was accepted. The magazine major attended Newhouse NYC’s inaugural semester in fall 2014 with only a handful of other students.

That semester is where Kaitlyn connected with her now boss, Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director at PEOPLE. And it happened on Twitter. Kaitlyn had to interview someone she admired for a class assignment, so she reached out to Andrea. Now fast forward three years and they work together.

Every day Kaitlyn is tasked with writing three to four news posts for PeopleStyle about the latest style or beauty trends. She most recently helped with the annual TODAY Show and PEOPLE Beauty Awards, where she oversaw the awards process. While interning, she was able to write for, which began her style writing career.

“The Newhouse Mafia is definitely real. I work with all Newhouse alumni now and I always have worked with all Newhouse alumni. “

A photo of Dan Colantonio
Dan Colantonio '16, advertising

Dan Colantonio '16, advertising

NewhouseNYC internship: Modell’s

Current job: MullenLowe Mediahub, Digital Media Planner

As a life-long Syracuse sports fan, Dan decided to pack up his bags and head to snowy Syracuse. It wasn’t until his sophomore year that he decided he was going to study advertising, where he thought sports would be his area of expertise especially since he played for the rugby team. By spring of his junior year, Dan was packing his bags to head home for the spring 2015 semester to attend Newhouse NYC.

Sports has been a constant in Dan’s life, so naturally he worked with a sports-oriented company, Modell’s, during the program. While there, he worked on advertising campaigns for the Super Bowl XLIV and 2015 NBA All-Star merchandise. He also helped manage Modell’s social media platforms.

His experience proved valuable back on campus, too. He soon became heavily involved in Syracuse Athletics, running all of their social media accounts.

By senior year, his career anxiety kicked in. He felt like he needed to find a job, and he needed to find one now. Dan viewed his fall semester as “SAT prep for college students,” and he believes doing all of the legwork early helped him to secure a job at Maxus in the spring right before Mayfest.

“Put in the work and show you care and everything will fall into place, I promise.”

A photo of Dana Froome '16, public relations
Dana Froome '16, public relations

Dana Froome '16, public relations

Newhouse NYC internship: Hearst Magazines

Current job: Mashable, Assistant Programing Editor

Dana originally went to Syracuse University for public health, but quickly realized that was not the path for her. To help her decide, Dana printed out the entire list of majors offered and crossed off which ones she didn’t want to try. Public relations was something she always was interested in, so she decided to give it a try, switching into Newhouse as a sophomore.

Throughout college, she took internships very seriously and has an extremely impressive resume to prove it. However, her Newhouse NYC internship at Hearst Magazines in fall 2015 was where she discovered her love for the digital world and social media.

Post-grad, she took various internships and freelanced until she landed at Mashable. Dana’s passion for her job is inspiring. She creates stories for Mashable’s Snapchat Discover page and Mashable Reels found on their website. She credits it all to perseverance.

“I went on a lot of interviews and I’m happy they passed over me because I’m very happy where I am at right now.”

A photo of Lauren Anderson '17, broadcast and digital journalism
Lauren Anderson '17, broadcast and digital journalism

Lauren Anderson '17, broadcast and digital journalism

Newhouse NYC internship:  CBS “Evening News”

Current job: CBSN, Digital Associate

Lauren was involved with all things television production since the day she stepped onto campus. She even became the CitrusTV News Director. So it was an easy decision to continue her love for news through her Newhouse NYC internship in spring 2016.

For her Newhouse NYC semester, the broadcast and digital journalism major landed at the CBS “Evening News” desk.  One of the highlights of Lauren’s internship was being able to produce her own teases for the weekend edition of “Evening News.” She even got a chance to sit at the desk and record a practice reel.

Things came full circle for Lauren when she accepted her current job at CBSN, and she credits her time with the evening newscast for her job now. Just a few months into her career, Lauren is already producing her own segments for the 24-hour online news network. Impressive, to say the least.

“In cliché terms, the semester literally taught me not to hold back and to go for my dreams. I learned that you could work your dream job in NYC out of college, you just have to make sure you get yourself there.”


A photo of Jessica Mendelson '17, television, radio and film
Jessica Mendelson '17, television, radio and film

Jessica Mendelson '17, television, radio and film

Newhouse NYC internship:  NBC Bravo/Oxygen

Current job: NBC East Coast Page, Cable Entertainment PR

While on campus, Jessica was involved in just about everything. She was vice president of communications for her sorority, Delta Gamma. She anchored at CitrusTV. She studied in Madrid for a semester. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, Rho Lambda and Order of Omega while juggling classes in both of her majors: Television, Radio, and Film and Spanish. Oh, and she also graduated a semester early.

Newhouse NYC, though, was always how she wanted to spend her last semester. Bravo and Oxygen was Jessica’s dream internship, but she didn’t know much about the NBC Page program until she started at 30 Rock in fall 2016. It was Donald Adler, the East Coast Page assigned to her department, who introduced her the world she now loves so dearly. She knows for certain she wants to continue succeeding in the cable entertainment world, whether through her opportunity in the PR department now or even through her experiences with Bravo and Oxygen while at Newhouse NYC.

Aside from the opportunity of a lifetime, Jessica credits the program for helping her find her way post-college. And one of her favorite things about the program? Well, it was how she got to test-run her life now.

“In New York it’s a very different grind and a very different hustle. But it’s not jolting when you do this program and then live here.”

A photo of Samantha McClain '17, advertising
Samantha McClain '17, advertising

Samantha McClain '17, advertising

Newhouse NYC internship: The 88

Current job: Horizon Media, Talent Acquisition Partner

Samantha wasn’t the keenest on spending any time in Manhattan, but that quickly changed after she spent her spring 2017 semester at Newhouse NYC, interning with digital agency The 88. As the agency’s strategy intern, she focused on collecting and analyzing social data for their luxury and beauty clients.

It was Sam’s last semester before graduating, and her attitude was to just suffer through the city for a few years to establish herself in the industry before moving out west. Turns out she loves it here. From her cozy NYC apartment, to learning how to navigate the city, to her greatest feat: figuring out how to own Trader Joe’s on just $20/week.

When she saw Horizon’s Talent Acquisition Partner job posting on LinkedIn, she immediately cold-called her now boss sitting on her bed in her NYC room and made her case as to why she should get the position. Samantha says that her confidence and skills gained from her internship made her pick up the phone to interview for Horizon’s open position. And that job offer helped her stay in NYC–the city that now makes her cry when she thinks about leaving.

“My mindset was: the sooner I get there, the sooner I leave.  But now you’d have to pull me out kicking and screaming.


Newhouse in NYC logo

The list of success stories from the dozens of former Newhouse NYC students could span another ten pages, and that is simply thanks to the opportunities through this program. Whatever major, whatever year, whatever you’re involved in, this program will give you a taste of the “real world” and make you want to stay in it forever.

Nicole DeMentri is a senior broadcast and digital journalism major at the Newhouse School.