Recent grads donate award money to buy new trophy case for Studio & Innovation Center

By Earica Parrish

January 20, 2015

Students won College Television Awards for '99' and 'Val and Parker Project'

The Newhouse School’s new Studio & Innovation Center will soon be home to a new trophy case thanks to recent graduates who are donating their Television Academy Award winnings to inspire future students to fill its shelves with prizes.  

The television, radio and film students attended the 35th College Television Awards last spring and received awards from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for their two, six-episode series “99” and “The Val and Parker Project.” These are Newhouse’s third and fourth series awards. Student work “Limelight” won in 2010 and “The Complex” won in 2012, according to Michael Schoonmaker, chair of the television, radio and film department.

The award recognition included trophies and a monetary award. The student decided to use the money to buy a new trophy case since the existing cases in the lobby of Newhouse 1 are full. The new case will be placed in the new Studio & Innovation Center, which was dedicated in the fall.

The Television Academy Awards are designed for students across the United States to showcase their work to professionals in the television and film industries. The foundation pays for the students to be flown to Los Angeles to participate in the award ceremony.

“The Val and Parker Project,” produced in the fall of 2013, tells the story of how two girls come face-to-face with the fear of failure while trying to get through their last semester of college. Samantha Schoen, executive in charge of production, along with George Edinger, Jacquie Greco, and Cara McFarlan are just several of the students who contributed to series. (Full credits for both shows are listed below.)

The two series were produced during a capstone class offered to TRF juniors, seniors and graduate students. The students should be very proud of their achievements, Schoonmaker says, especially since it was not the motivation behind the work.

“The class is not taught to win an award…that’s not why they’re doing it,” says Schoonmaker.

The production team for each series consisted of 20 people. Both Schoonmaker and Schoen agree that working cohesively with a large group can be challenging.

“No matter what arm of a production staff you’re on, there are challenges, even at the college level,” Schoen says.

Despite these challenges, both groups came together to give their prize money to Newhouse.

Most of the students on the winning teams have graduated from Newhouse. Since the Emmys, “everyone is doing great things in the entertainment and communications world,” says Schoen, who is working for a film and television production company in New York City.


“Val and Parker Project" credits

Producers: Jacquie Greco, Adrienne Muldoon, Alyssa Raiman, Fedor Pogorelov

Production managers: Anthony DiBiase, Danielle Skipper

Directors: Jessica Blair, Joe Barglowski, Tucker Hyland, Tyler Kenly, Megan McNally, Alexandra Ross 

Writers: Jillian Condulis, George Edinger, Wandeyu Goeman-Estrada, Alexandra Hayes, Cara McFarlane

Editors: Kelvin Sherman, Milena Toro 

Sound designer: Isaac Garcia

Executive in charge of production: Samantha Schoen


“99" credits

Producers: Melissa Gattuso, Rebecca Friedman

Directors: Stephanie Liggeri, Emily Pietrocarlo, Eric Stanistreet

Writers: Morgan Beach, Aisha Elkheshin, Brooke Huddleston, Tatianna Pires Nahuz, Raven Rivera

Editors: Matthew Rahn

Art director: Mayra Najera

Production managers: Taylor Davis, Courtney Perdue

Executive in charge of production: Darian Herrington