An image of San Antonio Spurs player Danny Green shooting a story.

National Basketball Player's Association writes article about Newhouse's Sportscaster U.

June 12, 2017

"This week, current players Langston Galloway, Danny Green, Gerald Henderson, Steve Novak and Willie Reed, and former players Earl Barron and Loren Woods went through the NBPA’s 10th annual Sportscaster U. broadcasting program. For some, like Galloway and Green, their on-air interests started in college when they majored in communications, or media and broadcast journalism, like Reed. Others, like Barron and Woods, became intrigued in the industry from interviews they’ve done with reporters in their playing careers. Collectively, they’re all seriously considering a sportscasting career one day.

"While at Syracuse University’s Newhouse Studio and Innovation Center, each player spoke with the NBPA about his first professional training in front of the camera, how their NBA Finals viewing has changed from the program, summer on- and off-the-court plans and life-after-basketball ambitions. Their insights below have been edited for clarity and length."

Read the article: NBPA: Sportscaster U. Attendees Address On-Air Pursuits, Summer Plans and Life Post-Hoops

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