George Gittoes: 'Nothing is Enough'

September 27, 2013

The exhibit runs through December 20

Light Work and Community Darkrooms are pleased to present George Gittoes’ "Nothing Is Enough," running August 21 through December 20 in the Robert B. Menschel Photography Gallery at SU's Hildegarde and J. Myer Schine Student Center. An artist talk will be held in the gallery on Wednesday, October 2, at 4 p.m. The talk is free and open to the public.

Gittoes gives us a powerful, close-up response to conflicts best known to us from the nightly news—famine and peacekeeping in Somalia; de-mining after civil wars in Cambodia, Pakistan and Afghanistan; sectarian violence in Northern Ireland; ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia; the elections in South Africa that brought Nelson Mandela to power; eruptions to the peace process in the Middle East; and the Kibeho massacre in Rwanda, from which the work he developed at Light Work extends.

While an artist-in-resident at Light Work, Gittoes created an image-making process that he calls Synthage. "Nothing is Enough" synthesizes Gittoes’ artworks by integrating many mediums and works together into a single image. The “synthages” meld the horrific events described and depicted of human atrocity by dancing between all of the media that Gittoes uses in his art. Hints of drawing, painting and photography deny a quick read of the work. The images in this exhibition are the first of many to come in what has been a growing and active exploration of new works made from histories that are not ever told too many times.

Gittoes is one of Australia’s foremost figurative painters, filmmakers and photographers. For the last decades, he has worked in areas that are usually the reserve of journalists. His work catches the complexity of individual circumstance, of human frailty, empowerment and survival against a backdrop of world issues. They are images about both “the moment” and “the big picture.” Taking a global approach to his work as an artist, Gittoes works from many locations throughout the world, and bases himself in studios in Sydney and New York. He presents his work in multimedia exhibitions that include photography, drawings, paintings, film and video installations.

This exhibit is curated and presented in conjunction with the Syracuse International Film Festival, from whom Gittoes is receiving the 2nd annual Bassel H. Shehade award for Social Justice.

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