Financial & Investor Communications Emphasis students tour New York City

October 24, 2017

Newhouse students visit leading companies, connect with thought leaders

L to R: Gary Kaminsky, Gordon Goldstein, William Cohan, Peter Rose and David Wells

Seventeen Newhouse students interested in financial communications careers traveled to New York City last week for two jam-packed days of visits to public relations and investor relations firms, financial media outlets, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to learn first-hand about workplace realities. They are enrolled in Newhouse’s Financial and Investor Communications Emphasis (FICE), designed by investor relations consultant and Newhouse adjunct professor Donna Stein and directed by public relations professor of practice Anthony D’Angelo.

Highlighting the benchmark trip was a financial industry all-star panel at Lubin House moderated by Newhouse alumnus Gary Kaminsky, former vice chairman of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, who has over the last 25 years been the co-host of Wall Street Week on CNBC and Fox Business, a Fox News contributor, CNBC’s capital markets editor, co-creator and co-host of Strategy Session, and a regular contributor to Squawk Box and Squawk on the Street.

Organized by the Newhouse School with substantial support from Kaminsky and Pen Pendleton, partner at CLP Strategies, a communications consultancy specializing in financial affairs, and the American Investment Council trade association, the panel discussed Wall Street’s reputation on the 30th anniversary of the crash of ’87 and nearly 10 years after the Great Recession’s onset. Participating were:

  • William Cohan, New York Times contributor and author of “Why Wall Street Matters”
  • Gordon Goldstein, managing director and head of external affairs for Silver Lake Partners, a technology investment firm
  • Peter Rose, vice chairman of Sard Verbinnen & Co., a communications consultancy with specialties in transaction communications and investor relations, and
  • David Wells, a former journalist who is chief marketing and communications officer for the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs.

A key theme of their discussion was the necessity of public trust in order for financial markets to operate, and the responsibility of communications professionals to develop trust through compelling factual narratives. The group entertained questions from the Newhouse students, and from more than 60 representatives of Wall Street businesses and the financial media gathered in Lubin House’s Pergament Room.

Attendees praised the Newhouse School’s commitment to a vital and increasingly popular communications specialty, one that Kaminsky has helped the school to develop and grow for more than two years. “I’m proud of Newhouse’s preeminent role in all kinds of communications fields, such as sports broadcasting,” he noted. “We’re going to make it the number one school for financial communications as well.”

Seventeen FICE students take in the view from the rooftop of Edelman, the world’s largest privately held public relations firm, prior to learning about its financial and investor relations practice.

Standing, from left: Vera Rees, Sam Gozinsky, Emily Wood, Katherine Arts, Sydney Tukes, Ashley Roth, Margaret Cavanaugh, Kelly Moran, Macy Michaels, Maggie Harrington, Meilin Feng, Ellen Yena Kim

Kneeling, from left: Shonnan Usman, Amanda Peterson, Anran Yu, Yali Chen, Oliam Cheong