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computational image of faces

Media-Nxt: Computational Image Manipulation

Imaging + Machine Learning + Cloud Computing

Photo of Roy Gutterman

Newhouse’s Roy Gutterman supports Senate resolution condemning White House treatment of the media

ambient intelligence image

Media-Nxt: Ambient Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things

infrastructure image

Media-Nxt: Media Infrastructure

Mesh Networks + 5G + AI + IOT

cognitive image

Media-Nxt: Cognitive Media Measurement

Facial Recognition + Biofeedback

dApps image

Media-Nxt: dApps

Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain + Utility

A photo of Karissa Valencia G'14

Karissa Valencia G'14

“Newhouse made me fall more in love with what I wanted to do. By taking a variety of classes in production, I learned how to write for a TV show with a budget, execute a director’s vision, and still shape my own voice as an artist.”

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Alumni named to PR Week's 40 Under 40 list