Bleeding Orange and Coming Home

by Lauren Dana

November 17, 2017

Mike Tirico ’88 receives Marty Glickman Award for Leadership in Sports Media

The Newhouse School honored renowned sportscaster Mike Tirico ’88 of NBC Sports with the fifth annual Marty Glickman Award for Leadership in Sports Media on Nov. 14. Tirico worked for ESPN from 1991-2015 and covered every sport from golf to football to tennis. He is best known for his play-by-play coverage for the NBA, college basketball and college football.

Previous winners of the award—affectionately called “The Marty Award”—were in attendance, such as Bob Costas ’74, Beth Mowins G’90 and Sean McDonough ’84. Marv Albert ’63 and Floyd Little '67 were unable to attend, but pre-recorded video messages congratulating Tirico on his win.

Newhouse School Dean Lorraine Branham opened the event, saying she is proud of the school’s legacy, especially when it comes to sports journalism. “We are glad to be able to be the place that students come to learn how to be great sportscasters.”

Glickman Award 2017 - Mike Tirico '88

Olivia Stomski, director of the Newhouse Sports Media Center, spoke about the award . “We’re very proud of the award… but even more proud of the people that we’ve given it to,” she said.

Sue Cornelius Edson ’90, executive senior associate athletic director and chief communications officer with Syracuse University Athletics, spoke about  Tirico, who is her friend and former classmate. Edson outlined some of the “life lessons” she has learned from Tirico.

“Learn from the past and those who have gone before you, and then blaze the trail for those coming next,” she said “No matter where your path leads you, no matter what avenues you pursue, always bleed orange.”

SU Athletic Director John Wildhack who was Tirico’s former boss at ESPN, also offered remarks. He praised Tirico’s preparation as “legendary.”

“He was more than just a host, more than just our lead announcer; he was a leader,” he said. Wildhack also noted that Tiricio is “the one of the greatest ambassadors the Newhouse School and Syracuse University have ever had.”

2016 Glickman Award winner Sean McDonough ’84 presented the award, but not before sharing some personal memories of Tirico. He revealed that the two met in 1984 when Tirico was a freshman and helped McDonough move out his apartment. McDonough also said, “I’m so proud to be a graduate of this university and a product of Newhouse.”

When Tirico took the stage after a standing ovation from the audience, he revealed he “prepared absolutely nothing” because he wanted to speak “from the heart.” He thanked Dean Branham for her dedication to the Newhouse School and advised students in the audience to take advantage of their time at SU. “Soak up every second of this!”

Tirico expressed his love of the Orange. “I love this place because of the people and what it’s meant to be growing up and growing old… Syracuse is home to me. Every time I come here, I feel like it’s home.”  He also reminisced about his days at Syracuse and how he still knew his way around Newhouse 1.

At the end of his speech, Tirico shared his love of Newhouse: “It’s the best school in the world.” 

Lauren Dana is a junior magazine major at the Newhouse School.