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Fall 2018 Registration

Fall 2018 registration reopens Aug. 13-17 and Aug. 27-Sept. 4, 2018

Registration takes planning and works best if you follow the steps below. Questions? Email nhadvise@syr.edu or stop by the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office at 316 Newhouse 3.

STEP 1: Check your assigned registration day and time on MySlice. It can be found in the enrollment section under "View My Enrollment Appointments."

STEP 2: Check “View Holds” on MySlice. First-year students and sophomores, please review advising hold information. Juniors and seniors do not have Newhouse advising holds. If dually enrolled, please check with your home college.

STEP 3: Select your Newhouse course(s) for Fall 2018. To learn more about Newhouse majors, each Newhouse department holds advising sessions to discuss sequence of courses, content of the major and other related topics.

You may also discuss your course choices with your faculty adviser, or stop by open advising hours with Karen McGee, assistant dean of student affairs, at 316 Newhouse 3.

View the Fall 2018 Department Advising Sessions Schedule>>

STEP 4: If you are a first-year or sophomore student who is singly enrolled in Newhouse or dually enrolled in Newhouse and the School of Information Studies, you should review your Newhouse Check Sheet to find out which divisional courses you have remaining. Check Degree Works to see where you stand with requirements and stop by the Undergraduate Advising and Records office with any questions. Dually enrolled students should check with their home colleges to determine core requirements. Attend a “Navigating Your Newhouse Degree” session to understand your requirements, discuss minors and plan for going abroad or to New York or Los Angeles.

View the Fall 2018 Navigating Your Newhouse Degree Seminar Schedule>>

If you are entering your final year, you should review your degree audit (which is emailed to you by the undergraduate advising and records office) to determine which courses you still need to complete. Your faculty adviser can assist you in selecting Newhouse electives.

STEP 5: Find courses and times online to create a schedule. Make several schedules with backup Arts and Sciences/core courses in the event courses or sections close.

Fall 2018 Schedule of Classes>>

STEP 6: Go to MySlice "Enroll in a Class" (under Enrollment) and load course choices in your shopping cart. The shopping cart is a tool to hold your preferred classes until your registration time. Choose some back-up courses before you register, as sections may close.

STEP 7: Log into MySlice at your assigned appointment time (April 10 through May 9) to register. Please use this time; there will be movement in courses during this period.

Print a copy of this checklist>>