Fall 2017 Registration

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Fall Registration Runs March 31 through May 10, 2017

Registration takes planning and works best if you follow the steps below. Questions? Email nhadvise@syr.edu or stop by the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office at 316 Newhouse 3.

STEP 1: Check your assigned registration day and time on MySlice. It can be found in the enrollment section under "View My Enrollment Appointments."

STEP 2: Check “View Holds” on MySlice. First-year students and sophomores, click here for advising hold information. Juniors and seniors do not have Newhouse advising holds. If dually enrolled, please check with your home college.

If you have a hold, you will see this symbol on MySlice

STEP 3: Select your Newhouse course(s) for fall 2017.  To learn more about Newhouse majors, each Newhouse department holds advising sessions to discuss sequence of courses, content of the major and other related topics. Review the spring 2017 Department Advising Session Schedule.

You may also discuss your course choices with your faculty adviser, or stop by open advising hours with Theresa Fuller, manager of student services, or Karen McGee, assistant dean of student affairs, at 316 Newhouse 3.

STEP 4: If you are a first-year or sophomore student who is singly enrolled in Newhouse or dually enrolled in Newhouse and the School of Information Studies, you should review your Newhouse Check Sheet to find out which divisional courses you have remaining. You can get a copy of the check sheet from the Undergraduate Records and Advising Office at 316 Newhouse 3. Dually enrolled students should check with their home colleges to determine core requirements. Attend a “Navigating Your Newhouse Degree” session to understand your requirements, discuss minors and plan for going abroad or to New York or Los Angeles. Review the Spring 2017 Session Schedule.

If you are entering your final year, you should review your degree audit (which is emailed to you by the undergraduate advising and records office) to determine which courses you still need to complete. Your faculty adviser can assist you in selecting Newhouse electives.

STEP 5: Find courses and times online to create a schedule. Make several schedules with backup Arts and Sciences/core courses in the event courses or sections close. View the Schedule of Classes.

STEP 6: Go to MySlice "Enroll in a Class" (under Enrollment) and load course choices in your shopping cart. The shopping cart is a tool to hold your preferred classes until your registration time. Choose some back-up courses before you register, as sections may close.

STEP 7: Log into MySlice at your assigned appointment time (March 31 through May 10) to register. Please use this time; there will be movement in courses during this period. 

Print a copy of this checklist>>

Frequently Asked Questions about Registration

  • Do I need an adviser's signature to register?opener
    • If you are currently a first-year student or a sophomore singly enrolled in Newhouse or dually enrolled in Newhouse and the School of Information Studies, you will need your adviser's signature on a Registration Advising Form to be cleared for registration.

      This form must be returned to the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office (316 Newhouse 3) at least 24 hours (not including weekends) prior to the time you wish to register so that we may declare you eligible and remove an advising "hold."

      If you are currently a junior or senior, you do not need a signature; you are eligible to register. (The only exceptions are students on probation, all of whom are also required to see their advisers.) Of course, you should always see your adviser if you need assistance.

  • Where do I obtain a Registration Advising Form?opener
  • What if I have difficulty reaching my adviser or my adviser is unavailable?opener
    • Each adviser has posted office hours. Advisers will post their hours on their office doors, on MySlice, and their normal hours are listed in the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office (316 Newhouse 3) and in 318 Newhouse 3, the department offices. If you have made a good faith effort and have not been able to meet with your adviser, your department chairperson may act as a substitute. Also, assistant dean Karen McGee and Theresa Fuller, manager of student services, will be open to students who are having problems (316 Newhouse 3).

  • How, where and when do I register?opener
    • You will register online according to class: graduate students first, then seniors, then juniors. Sophomores and first-year students register together. You can find out your earliest registration time on MySlice, under "View My Enrollment Dates." You may wish to view the online registration tutorial or call the help line at 315-443-2422. A PDF file of the printed Time Schedule of Classes is available here. (You can pick up the Newhouse section from the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office in 316 Newhouse 3.) You may also view the searchable time schedule, Class Search, on MySlice; it incorporates recent changes that may not be reflected in the PDF version.

  • What if I am closed out of a class in my major?opener
    • We will analyze these requests and the status of the courses once registration is underway. We will notify students via their @syr.edu email about their requests throughout the registration period.

  • What should I do if the course is open and I am not able to register for it?opener
    • There are three common situations that may block you from registering for an open course:

      1) If a course is restricted, and you do not meet the restrictions, you will not be able to register for the course without seeking permission. Check the course restrictions in the printed Time Schedule of Classes or in the online class search in MySlice. Many Newhouse courses are restricted by major. Some are also restricted by class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate student) and by alphabet (last name A-K or L-Z). If you have not declared a major, you can remedy this situation by filling out a form at the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office at 316 Newhouse 3. If you wish to be considered for a class for which you do not meet the restrictions, you must fill out a request at the department office, 318 Newhouse 3.

      2) If a course has a prerequisite, you may not register for the class without having completed the prerequisite. The system will allow you to register for a fall class if you are currently in the prerequisite this spring, even though you have not passed it yet. If the course has a co-requisite, you may not register for the class unless you have taken the co-requisite or you register for the co-requisite in the same semester as the course, which lists the co-requisite.

      3) Unless you are in the Honors Program, you are restricted to a 19-credit schedule. The registration system will not allow you to register for more than 19 credits, even if the class is open and you meet the restrictions. Under these circumstances you must drop or swap a course in order to add a course. Juniors or seniors may petition to carry more than 19 credits. Consult Karen McGee or Theresa Fuller for advice on this process.

  • What if I only get into two classes or can’t get a full schedule?opener
    • You can register and adjust your schedule through the end of the registration period, so all is not lost. There will be movement as students come off waitlists, change their minds, etc. The key is to keep checking MySlice. Seats in classes open periodically, so check at different times of the day: early morning, mid-day, late at night. The person that keeps at it—looking for openings in a preferred class right up until the day registration shuts down—is the person who gets his or her ideal schedule.

  • Where do I go for help if I am unable to complete my registration? opener
    • Please do not leave campus without letting us know that you have a problem. If you have not been able to register successfully, see Karen McGee or Theresa Fuller. We would like to help.

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