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By junior year, you should be well-versed in your requirements and therefore are not required to see your faculty adviser for registration purposes. However, you should seek your faculty adviser's input and guidance about internships, major electives and career paths. 

Junior Year To-Do List:

  • You must have a declared major and a declared minor, if singly enrolled at Newhouse. See your academic adviser in Undergraduate Advising and Records if you have questions.
  • Sign up for an in-person degree check with your academic adviser in Undergraduate Advising and Records. A degree check will tell you what requirements and credits you have left to complete.
  • Sign up to meet with your academic adviser to ensure you understand your remaining requirements.
  • Be sure you know your major and minor requirements and register accordingly.
  • If going abroad or to Los Angeles or NYC, discuss courses to take with both your faculty and academic advisers. For the LA and NYC semester, find out how many internship credits you can earn while you’re there.



The summer after junior year is prime for an internship. Internships come in all shapes and sizes—paid, unpaid, for credit or not, full-time or part-time.

Summer internships registered for credit have associated tuition costs; for reference, the summer 2017 rate is $1,201/credit. Please check with the Career Development Center for current information.

Most Newhouse majors allow up to three credits of internship experience to count toward the degree, but broadcast and digital journalism does not allow internship credit. Please check with your academic adviser to see how internship credit would factor into your degree.

Note: If you know your graduation month and year, go to MySlice and file a diploma request under “My Academics” if you have not already done so.

We encourage all students to know University rules and regulations, found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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