Undergraduate Advising

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Academic advising at the Newhouse School includes a network of services to support your studies. Faculty advisers, peer advisers, academic advisers, the assistant dean for student affairs and the Career Development Center all play key roles in helping students discover and pursue a wide range of majors, minors and academic opportunities offered at Syracuse University.

Faculty advisers can help you discover your interests, guide you in your course choices and answer questions about Newhouse majors. Peer advisers are Newhouse students who assist new students in navigating the MySlice system as well as adjusting to college in the first year.

Academic advisers are experts on degree requirements. They can answer questions about school and university procedures and rules as well as processes such as registering for classes, getting credit for internships and changing your faculty adviser.

A copy of your academic record is kept in the Undergraduate Advising and Records Office at 316 Newhouse 3, as are academic forms and information. It’s the “go-to” office for forms and general questions about requirements and procedures. You are ultimately responsible for knowing and completing your degree requirements, which are outlined along with Newhouse rules and regulations in the Newhouse Fact Books, updated annually.

In addition, we encourage all students to learn University rules and regulations, which are found in the Undergraduate Course Catalog.

Academic advisers in the office are assigned advisees by last name. To make an appointment with your academic adviser, please use Orange Success. For help, view the webinar “How to make an appointment with Orange Success” on the Orange Success website.

  • If your last name starts with: A-E, W-Z, your academic adviser is: Alison Fredericks
  • If your last name starts with: F-Li, Sp-V, your academic adviser is: Richard Mendez
  • If your last name starts with Lo-So, your academic adviser is: Wes Whiteside

Completed credits (including AP, transfer, IB credit), to determine standing:

A more accurate way to gauge your year is by chronology and when you plan to graduate. For example, if you plan to graduate in May 2019, you have four semesters left and would chronologically be a junior, with two full years left at Newhouse (even if you have earned additional credits). Please refer to your linked year to see an advising “to do list.”

Faculty advising information can be found under in the “My Advising” section of MySlice.

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