• Ph.D. University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • M.S. Ohio University
  • B.S.J. Ohio University
  • Global Communications
  • Political Communications
  • Communications Theory
  • Media and Terror
  • Media Effects
  • Media Sociology

Pamela Shoemaker

John Ben Snow Professor Communications Also teaches in: Mass Communications Media Studies

Pamela Shoemaker is the author of "Mediating the Message in the 21st Century: A Media Sociology Perspective" (with Steve Reese, 2014); "Gatekeeping Theory" (with Tim Vos, 2009); "News Around the World: Practitioners, Content and the Public" (with Akiba Cohen, 2006); "How to Build Social Science Theories" (with James Tankard and Dominic Lasorsa, 2004); "Mediating the Message: Theories of Influences on Mass Media Content" (with Steve Reese, 1991, 1996); "Gatekeeping" (1991); and "Building a Theory of News Content" (1987). "News Around the World" was named one of the “top ten resources for teaching undergraduates about the role of media in society” by Routledge.

She has been co-editor (with Michael Roloff) of the top-ranked journal Communication Research (Sage) since 1997. Earlier she was associate editor of Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly and has served on the editorial boards of many journals.

Shoemaker was honored with the prestigious Paul J. Deutschmann Award for Excellence in Research by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) in 2014. She also received the inaugural Guido H. Stempel III Award for Journalism and Mass Communication Research from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2013. The award recognizes a body of research that has benefited the professions of journalism and related mass communication fields.

She served as president of AEJMC from 1995-96 and received the 2007 Distinguished Educator award for excellence in teaching and the Kreighbaum Under-40 Award for Achievement in Research, Teaching and Public Service. The Scripps School recognized her career contributions with the Distinguished Alumna Award. Her "Foreign countries in American eyes: Deviance, personal experience, mass media and national image" was named top faculty paper in the International Communication Division of AEJMC. She was also the chair of the Mass Communication Division of the International Communication Association (ICA) and chair of the Consortium of Communication Associations. She is a member of the AEJMC, ICA and the National Communication Association.

She was previously director of The Ohio State University's School of Journalism and a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin.


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