There's so much going on at the CDC. You may have questions... and we have answers!
Take a look at our most frequently asked questions below, or stop by the CDC and ask us in person.

Newhouse Career Development Center FAQ

  • Where is the CDC? opener
    • The CDC is located in 313 Newhouse 3 (see Newhouse map). If you're entering from the Newhouse patio, turn left into Newhouse 3. Once inside, immediately turn left and make a u-turn. The CDC is the first office on your left. 

  • How do I do make an appointment? opener
    • If you're a current student, you must schedule an appointment in person at the CDC, 313 Newhouse 3. (Alumni can schedule appointments by phone—call 315-443-3270.)

  • Can I still access CDC resources after I graduate? opener
    • Yes! The services at the CDC are life-long, so you can always give us a call or stop by the office for assistance or to access our resources.

  • I heard you have an alumni database. How do I use it? opener
    • Our alumni database is called the Newhouse Network. To access it, you must attend our Job Hunt Marathon (see Events and Speakers for seminar schedules), after which you will receive a welcome email with login information. After activating your account, you can use the database any time from any location, as all information is available online. Alumni who would like to access the database should sign up through the Newhouse Network site.

  • Do you have information about job openings? opener
    • Yes. We include job listings our CDCNews and CDCGradNews email newsletters for students—stop by the CDC to sign up. (Alumni can receive job listings by signing up for our JobOps newsletter.)

  • Do you offer information on internships? opener
    • Yes. We offer an internship seminar and maintain an internship database. There are no prerequisites to use this database; just come in to the CDC and we'll show you how.

  • I need help finding a job/finding an internship/writing a cover letter/writing a résumé/practicing interviewing/with networking... what should I do? opener
    • Good news! We offer seminars throughout the academic year to help with all aspects of your job or internship search. Some seminars are also available in video format, and you can watch them on CDC computers. Stop by the office for more information.

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