Fall Career Fair

Photo of a Newhouse student at the career fair.

Newhouse Fall Communications Career Fair

2 to 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Panasci Lounge, Schine Student Center, Syracuse University campus

The Newhouse Fall Communications Career Fair is a great place to meet industry professionals, collect business cards and company information and prospect for internships or even jobs. There are companies looking for students from ALL of Newhouse's majors and programs! Attending companies will speak to students about internships for this semester or in the future, as well as job opportunities. There is something for every Newhouse student.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Companies will have tables set up in the Panasci Lounge (upstairs at Schine), and students will circulate among the tables and talk with reps informally. There will be an information table near the entrance to the lounge where you can ask questions about the event and pick up a list of companies recruiting, what they are recruiting for and where they are positioned. Most organizations will have information for students to take with them and many will be collecting resumes for future or current opportunities.

WHAT TO DO: Check out the full list of companies in Orangelink and grab the handout with more information on each company at the CDC (313 N3). Note those companies that are of interest/are recruiting interns that fit what you want to do. Take a peek at their web sites and review the handout information.

The day of the fair: When you arrive, pick up a layout map of the Fair from the information table and decide which organizations you wish to speak with. Have a few questions prepared for the reps, though most of them have a spiel they'll give about opportunities. Don't be afraid to eavesdrop while you wait -- you can pick up information listening to conversations the reps have with other students. Collect company information and representatives' names. Get their business cards if possible. Make sure you send a quick thank you email within 24 hours to express your appreciation and follow up on whatever you spoke about.

WHEN TO ARRIVE: Most reps arrive on time though we always have a few that are late (and sometimes a couple that don't show). Ideal attendance time: 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., but come as your schedule allows. The fair will run from 2 to 5 p.m.

WHAT TO BRING AND WEAR: Bring copies of your resume if you're actively looking for an internship. No need to whip up a resume if you're NOT currently looking, just make sure you pick up information from the organizations. Dress should be business casual and, while we hope the weather will still be nice, employers would rather NOT see your sweatpants or athletic shorts. Keep it professional by dressing up a notch more than usual: Pants and button shirts, dresses, a nice top and a skirt are all suitable attire. Suits are also appropriate but not required.

The CDC is here to help you prepare for the Career Fair! Stop by the CDC, Rm. 313, N3 or call 315-443-3270 with questions.


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