Tuition and Fees

Cost of a Newhouse degree

Syracuse University graduate students pay tuition per credit hour. The tuition rate for 2017-18 is estimated to be $1,500 per credit, pending approval from the Board of Trustees in May. Even though tuition increases every May, our master's students (with the exception of audio arts, media studies and public diplomacy) are locked in to the current rate for one calendar year so this rate will be in effect until August 2018. If a student registers for courses beyond the following August, they will pay the new rate, which is estimated to increase about 4 percent.

The Health and Activity fees, listed in the individual program cost breakdown PDFs linked below, are also estimates.

Newhouse technology fees will only be charged once, in the fall semester.

Billing date estimates have also been included in the PDFs below.

Please select your program for a detailed PDF of the tuition and fees for each term. Please note that these are only estimates based on expected tuition and fee rates.

Advertising (36 credits)

Arts Journalism (36 credits)

Audio Arts (36 credits)

Broadcast and Digital Journalism (40 credits)

Computational Journalism (36 credits)

Documentary Film and History (38 credits)

Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism (36 credits)

Media and Education (36 credits)

Media Studies (36 credits)

New Media Management (36-42 credits)

Photography (30-33 credits)

Public Diplomacy (58 credits)

Public Relations (36 credits)

Television, Radio and Film (36 credits)

Please also consider this cost comparison chart, based on publicly available information, comparing our cost with that of our competitors.

More information about specific costs and payment due dates is available from the University Bursar Office.

Communications@Syracuse Tuition
Communications@Syracuse tuition is charged on a per-credit basis, with students completing 33 credits. For more information, see Communications@Syracuse tuition and financial aid.

For information about merit-based awards and federal loans, please see financial aid.

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